Help! I Need Somebody!

Ok. So I’m a Beatle fan. Great band; in my opinion and others, the best ever. This article though, isn’t about them and a discussion of who is the best band of all time.

Today it’s about asking for help in conducting a job search. Asking for help in your job search is not a sign of weakness as some people think, but rather a strength. In fact, asking for help during a period when you are unemployed sets you apart from those who forge on in secret – and in a good way!

WHEN you ask for help from is the key. Most job searchers know that whenever we put ourselves out there and ask for help, we run the risk of exposing ourselves when we are vulnerable. This is why for example so many people out of work initially don’t tell as many people as they might, in the hope that they will land employment shortly and not have to endure the embarrassment of sharing their unemployment status.  Ironically, this is the exact time to reach out, so you have the maximum number of people helping you right from the start, instead of weeks or months into your unemployment.

WHO to tell and who to ask help from are two very different things! Certainly you should share your job searching status with absolutely everyone you know – especially your immediately family. Your employment or rather, unemployment status affects them too, and sharing is a great way to reduce the stress. People you are closest to will sense a change in your mood, your schedule etc. and they’ll worry about what has happened. Children especially pick up on changes and will imagine things far worse than the truth. So clue people in. Sharing can cut you some breathing room and if you ask for some understanding with a promise to job search your best, this reassurance can help both you and the family realize it’s not the end of the world, and your unemployment status will change for the better sooner.

However, get some professional help with respect to your resumes, cover letters, and advice. There is a huge problem asking your sister to look over your resume unless of course she does that for a living. She may be an awesome mechanic, but you don’t need a mechanic. Similarly, when you need brakes repaired, you wouldn’t go to an Employment Counsellor would you?

The job market is very tight; competent people are out there competing with you for that job you want. Get as many people behind you. Build your support team and get some objective advice on your job search tools.

That’s it for today!


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