I Get Instructed

As someone who has helped many people in their job search, I have come to believe that I know a few things about the entire process. I’ve discovered what most employers are looking for in candidates, how to best present yourself on a resume and at an interview, and how to best negotiate during the hiring process. Now I can also state that I’ve been recently reminded of how little I know.

Someone I know announced  months ago that the lustre of their job was wearing thin, and it was time to seek another opportunity with another employer. Expressing a wish for additional responsibility, more creativity, an enthusiasm for promotion had fallen on deaf ears, and it was time to explore the market. Now having helped with this persons resume and interview preparation over time, I knew I had passed along valuable information and could trust in their capacity to put this knowledge to work. Eager to see the resume that was being shopped around, I asked for a copy to look over.

Well I can tell you that the resume I received was very different from what I would have crafted myself on their behalf. Much that was on this resume I would counsel to change. The layout, the content and the language were unique and not something I would typically suggest. However, I acknowledged that the field in which this person was applying for employment required creativity and a different style of marketing oneself.

Interestingly, this person was getting interviews; and several of them. The process just recently has concluded with a favourable result and this individual is now in transition, winding down with one employer while preparing to commence with a new one. I couldn’t be happier that things are working out this way. One of the things I find of most interest is my own reaction to how they have handled the entire process. I’m glad I was able to keep my own opinions to myself and trusted enough in the person I knew to know what they were doing. Even though the resume style was odd to me, I knew the advice I had passed on was still being valued overall.

From the outside looking in, I applaud the steps taken in this process. First of all there was a recognition of a desire for change. Originally the hope was to remain with the employer and seek additional responsibilities, new challenges, new opportunities for both promotion and salary increase. When it became clear that for a number of reasons this would not occur in the desired timetable or if ever, there was a logical expansion in seeking new challenges which led outside the employers realm. Over a period of time, new possibilities presented themselves and there were few limits placed on deciding factors such as location. So with less limits on what to consider, unique and interesting possible rewards, incentives and potential satisfaction began to emerge.

Significant to me was the confidence shown in initially declining an offer of a second interview, and then being personally contacted and urged to attend. When you’re strongly wanting change, but willing to wait for the right fit, you’re showing strength and determination.This is one advantage in having employment while seeking a new job. In the end, the second interview was concluded, and then negotiations entered into over a few details prior to accepting the post. Again, both the employer and the applicant presented wishes, needs, desires and negotiated maturely coming to a satisfactory conclusion. This is the way it’s supposed to be; a win-win for both.

Nobody knows all there is to know about any subject, and one would be wise to remember that. You’ll find all kinds of people on the internet screaming about their years of experience and success rates and trying to convince you to employ their services. Many are quite excellent and will help you get the results you are seeking. The ones I would advise to steer clear of however are the hounders, the ones that say they do know everything, and that not to use them guarantees failure. When you state you know everything, the rest of us know there is at least one more thing you have yet to learn!

I am proud of the individual I refer to in this blog, and glad to know that in some way I have helped them in the process. For me, that’s very satisfying, but I’m happier because of the excitement they feel, the shift in stress that has begun and their future happiness.

In your job search, receive and accept all the help you can from experts. With the information you have been given, decide what to use and what you’d like to adapt to your own situation. If you have few skills in this area of job searching accept more advice than most. If as in the example above, you have learned a thing or two over a period of time and know your industry, have the self-confidence to stand out and experiment with your resume. Good things just might happen!

6 thoughts on “I Get Instructed

  1. Thank you for any other informative blog. The place else may just I am getting that kind of info written in such an ideal method? I’ve a undertaking that I’m just now operating on, and I have been on the look out for such info.


    1. Hello Tora

      I write a new blog daily as I believe that it should be done daily in order to provide a useful service to readers. A blog done less than 2 times a week can’t be relied upon in my opinion. Glad you enjoyed the last article and hopefully future ones as well. Thanks for dropping by!


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