Thanks To…

Some people say thanks because it makes them appear to be appreciative. Others give thanks because they genuinely mean it. While there are many people who get thanked often, I thought I’d pass on my thanks to a few who you might have missed. Why not take a second and find a way to express your appreciation for some of the folks on this list.

1. The Night Cleaner

After you’ve gone home for the day and meet up with your family or friends, the Night Cleaner is just arriving at your workplace. When you return to work the following day, your trash basket is empty, your carpet clean, your desk disinfected, your floor swept, and not only does your area feel clean, their actions help keep down any potential bug problem. Instead of complaining about the few things a Cleaner might not have dusted, look at how much they have done for you. Leave a handwritten note saying you appreciate their cleaning. Do it twice a year.

2. The Receptionist

Here you’ll find someone with people skills, who if you treat them with respect, will chat up your clients when you’re running behind, apologize on your behalf even when they aren’t to blame, and who will often take a tongue-lashing for things they don’t deserve. Your Receptionist is the face of the organization to people for their first visit. They also deal with whoever walks in and with whatever chip they may or may not have on their shoulder. They also have work of their own to do.  Good Receptionists are hard to find. Be sure to thank yours often.

3. The Client

The whole reason you continue to be employed is due to this person. Treat them like they are the only client you have, no matter whether you are in the retail, manufacturing, service, health, government or in fact for any sector. If you ever wish your clients would just go away, I remind you to be careful. You just might get your wish. My car dealership has the salesperson send me a card on my birthday wishing me the best. A single sale resulting from the contact that card brings justifies sending out thousands in the mail. Thank your clients for their business and their trust in you.

4. Security Personnel

If you have a Security Guard or detachment at your workplace, they can often have a very lonely job, patrolling the area to keep company stock and staff secure. Don’t take these people for granted. While it may appear they go for long periods doing not much of anything important, that’s just your ignorance speaking up. These folks monitor so much behind the scenes that you aren’t even aware of. The fact you aren’t aware of them should tell you just how good they are doing their job. Shake the hand of a Security Guard and look them in the eye as you say, “Thanks for keeping me safe.”

5. Administrative Support staff

Okay so they have one day a year that celebrates their contribution to your workplace. That’s no reason to look down on them the rest of the year. They file, type reports, prepare your paperwork, organize your day, schedule, re-schedule and appease your clients. They call your customers, order your supplies, sometimes do personal things for you that aren’t in their job descriptions. How much does it cost to say, “Thanks for everything” and mean it?

6. IT Staff

IT staff keep your computer running, ensure the latest virus doesn’t attack you, fix Server problems, and allow you to electronically keep in touch with your customers, clients, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers etc. When something goes wrong, they are the first person you call right? When did you last call them to just say, “Everything is fine, just calling to say thanks for doing what you do.”

7. The Maintenance Team

In the middle of the day when a bulb goes out, the fridge leaks, somebody needs to mop up vomit in the hall, the floors need polishing, the water fountain isn’t working, the sidewalk needs shoveling, who gets called? Yep, the Maintenance Man or Woman. Most staff want a problem fixed with minimal disruption and the want it done immediately so they can continue without interruption. Who got interrupted though to fix your problem? You got it. Would a sincere, “Thanks for coming right away!” be out of line?

8. Cooks, Hostesses, Servers

Oh sure you’re in a hurry and need to get in, fed and out in a timely matter. After all you’ve only got 30 minutes! “Jump people jump! What is taking that girl so long? Are they killing the cow out back?” The world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s a good bet that the people preparing, cooking and serving you the food you eat are not making what you make in salary. There are fewer and fewer career Servers, and many are in the job because they can’t get hired in their field of training. Have a touch of gratitude. A smile and a thank you go a long way.

9. The Office Equipment Guy

You’ve seen him or her. They arrive only when you’ve jammed the photocopier and can’t fix it yourself despite your trying. Some thing-a-ma-jicky seems cracked in an impossibly hard place to reach; why you’ve even tried unsuccessfully to reach it with your scissors. Right beyond the, “Do not attempt to extract items beyond this point” label. Hmmmm….and the Office Equipment Guy isn’t allowed to say what’s really on their mind now are they? Okay so a decent, “Thanks I appreciate the quick service” might go a long way here.

10. Window Cleaners

It doesn’t matter if your office is on the first floor or the Penthouse, you probably appreciate looking out a clean window every so often. Maybe that’s because if you stand at just the right angle, you can see your own reflection when everyone else thinks your enamoured with the view? And you look so much better with a clean reflection too! Yep, thank the window cleaner too. Tape a piece of paper to the window saying, “Thanks for cleaning the window – here’s looking at you!” They’ll get a kick out of it, and it will remind them that the job they do is appreciated.

No matter who you think should be on this list of unappreciated people in your work day, go beyond just reading the blog and chuckling. Get up and thank somebody. Yes I’m referring to you. Oh I know you did it just last week but, well, does it really mean you don’t NEED to do it again? When did saying, “Thanks” become a chore to be done?

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All the best!

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