Darker Days Are Coming

A message today for all those job searching; darker days are coming. Now hold, on, it’s not all doom and gloom here so don’t misread and lay this aside.

With the arrival of Fall 2012, the first thing you may have noticed is in North America the sun is showing less and less due to the change in the year. The mornings are darker later, and the darkness creeps in earlier and earlier each day. The job seeker is wise to be reminded of this. Why? Well many people are affected to a lesser or greater degree by the weather and the presence or absence of light in their day. Sometimes going without sunshine for a few days can be disheartening and can even find someone feeling depressed or with a headache.

When you job search, you try to keep positive, see the ‘bright’ side of things, and it gets harder when it’s physically darker all around. Soon people will walk a little brisker, hold their coats closed a little higher, and look down at the pavement lost in their own thoughts a little more often. If you’re looking for a pleasant smile to you the stranger, you might be more often disappointed. Don’t take this personally, it’s just the weather.

However, when you speak with people, especially in interviews, networking functions and one-on-one, do your best to be positive and upbeat. Remember that most people like to be around people who are positive, upbeat and enthusiastic. If your dour, grumpy or just plain cynical, who is going to want to hang out with you and then help you out? This is your chance to demonstrate your positive attitude.

If you haven’t done so in some time, contact people and let them know you are still job searching. Ask for referrals, recommendations, leads, and thank them sincerely. Find out if there are any present or emerging job openings. Get to know the company you want to work for most and determine what their needs are. Check out their website and see if it gives you specific information on how to apply for work. Determine if they accept applications in person, online, fax, email or a combination. Look objectively at your own experience, resume, skills, strengths and weaknesses. If you need something upgraded or improved, get it done now. Yes money is tight, but now is the time to position yourself so you are the right applicant when the posting appears. Separate yourself as the woman who is ready today, not the woman who is willing to take a course if she gets the job. Let that be your competition.

When things are getting darker, two things to remind yourself of. First, stars are always present, but they shine brightest on the darkest nights, not on sunny days. Secondly, darker days are just part of a larger cycle. Longer, brighter days are coming too. Do your best now so that when they come you’re ready. Already you’ll find some defeatist will be packing in their job search until the new year to get a fresh start. Then they’ll complain nobody hires in January so they’ll wait until February. Then they’ll complain about the snow and getting around so they’ll wait until March. All the better for you. When others gear down their job search, step yours up!
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