Employment Advice From John, Paul, George and Ringo

I’ve said before I’m a huge Beatles fan. So here’s some job search/employment advice to gleam from the titles of some Beatles songs:

I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party: Keep your behaviour in check when you are at the office Christmas Party or out with other employees. Pictures that surface later on Facebook, or stories about inappropriate behaviour might cut a promising career.

Eight Days A Week: Your job search is a full-time job. Every moment of the day you slack off and coast is a moment your competition is gaining an advantage on you. It’s competitive out there in today’s economy; stay committed.

All Together Now: When looking for work, tell everybody you know and get your references, family, friends, past co-workers and contacts all in sync with what you’re looking for. Already working? Good; cooperate with your peers on projects and do your bit.

I Am The Walrus: Be prepared for that off-beat question that might surface at an interview. “What kind of animal would you be and why”, isn’t so unexpected anymore, but some other question might replace it.

Anytime At All: Get up, get dressed each day and get ready for anything that life throws you. Might be your day for a call inviting you to an interview with two hours notice. If you shaved first thing in the morning, you’ll be ready. Is your resume up-to-date? If not, do it NOW!

Sun King: Be the positive person in your workplace. The one person who generally is constantly upbeat and has a winning attitude. Avoid the opposite…don’t be a Mean Mr. Mustard.

Act Naturally: Be yourself in an interview. Employer’s want to see the real you. Describe your past accomplishments, give examples of how you have acted and the good results that came about brought upon by you.

Do You Want To Know A Secret?: Don’t keep your unemployment a secret from those around you. You may be missing opportunities for employment because no one knows you are out of work. By telling everybody immediately, you also don’t build up unnecessary stress, deception or pressure. Get it out there.

Drive My Car: Know a family member or a friend who might be able to give you the use of their wheels for an interview? You’ll be more in control of your time, arrive looking better if it rains, and another option is to carpool with a neighbour to a drop-off location where you can then walk to several places to drop off your applications.

Getting Better: Keep your mind on the big picture. Unemployment is the pits. However, it won’t last forever and things will be better in your future. So pick yourself up and look forward not back.

Help!: You can find job searching help by looking in a phone book, via the internet, a Social Assistance office, and almost any agency in your community will have contact numbers for the help you need if they themselves don’t provide it.

Hey Jude: It’s okay to tell everybody how you are feeling, but don’t drag everybody down. Take that sad song and make it better by not being the downer everyone wants to avoid at all costs.

I Wanna Be Your Man: Make sure you know why you want to work for an organization. What is it about that company that makes you the best fit? You don’t want just a job; you want  T H I S job!

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer: If you plan on eliminating people to get yourself to the top of the pile, sooner or later someone with the same plan will eliminate you. Work with others to help them succeed and you’ll be trusted by others who in turn reciprocate and help advance your own career.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Okay every now and then you have to look ahead and think about the people you want to work with. How do they dress and act? Where do they hang out and how do they network? You might have to re-invent yourself if who you are isn’t who you want to be.

She Said, She Said: Refrain from gossip. It’s the Devil’s Radio and has a nasty habit of saying more about you than the person you are gossiping about!

Thank You Girl: Express your appreciation to absolutely everyone you work with or who helps you in the slightest way. Those you thank think of you more often and are encouraged to offer further help.

Think For Yourself: Sure take advice from Employment Counsellors, Job Coaches, friends, family, Teachers, Counsellors etc. but in the end, you’re driving the bus. You have to make the decisions on what works for you and where you’re going. Otherwise it’s just one big Magical Mystery Tour!

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl: It does happen sometimes that unemployment puts such a strain on relationships that someone opts to leave because they need financial stability. Be that as it may, here’s your motivation to stay committed to the job search. Women have often told me that a guy with a job is much more attractive. Need I say more?

Baby You’re A Rich Man: Inventory your skills, your beliefs, your values. Think on your experience, your accomplishments and your past success. You’ve got a lot to offer.

With A Little Help From My Friends: I’m always here pulling for you.


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