Reaching Up, Out And/Or Down

Interesting that the human machine we call our body comes conveniently equipped with two hands, two connecting appendages called arms, and through a mass of tissue, bone structure and fluids, is ultimately attached to a brain for intelligence and a heart for compassion.

In order for our hands to be of much use to use, whether it’s to grasp, hold, type, feel etc. we all generally have to reach out and extend our arms in some capacity. I mean without those arms well, go ahead and drop your arms limply at your sides and try to accomplish much with the full use of your hands but not your arms. Okay stop that now, you just look ridiculous.

Interesting then that posters and pictures that symbolize working together and connecting always focus on the hands. Well I know of course why because, it’s the hands that actually are the point of connecting between people. But it’s the arms that raise the hands to the point where the hand is capable of doing what the brain wants to do.

So here’s my question to you when you are relating back to a job search or carrying out your daily work; do you reach down to help others up, reach out to engage with others, or do you reach up for a helping hand yourself? You see the hands in all three situations make contact with hands belonging to others, but it’s the arms that really determine the direction.

Unfortunately there are many of us that are only willing to reach up and get a hold of someone else who is extending us a helping hand. That’s often viewed as a self-interest kind of move. However, if you are trying to get ahead in a job, or find a job, accepting the offered hand of another is a logical move to make. It shouldn’t be your only connection with others however.

There are many generous individuals thankfully that are thoughtful enough to have remembered when other’s helped them out in the past, or equally may have had to forge their own careers without much help and therefore want to reach down and help others along to make their ascent easier so others can benefit from their experience. Very thoughtful and considerate indeed. These folks are referred to as our Mentor’s, our guides from whom we can learn much.

A sizeable number of people; in fact the majority in my experience, have also learned the art of reaching out on a lateral plane, connecting, sharing, and conversing with each other with the intent of bridging distances, working cooperatively and moving ahead in unison with our peers. I for one am very thankful of this.

The wisest realize that helping each other out in any of these three situations actual has the potential to not only help one person but both. Reach down to help pick up someone’s spirit, give hope, guidance, encouragement and help and you can’t help but know internally you’ve done a good thing. Reach across to someone and you’re likely to find that your extended offer of help is not only welcomed but hopefully extended in return creating a “you help me, I help you” or win-win situation. Reach up to accept an offered hand and not only do you benefit in the immediate, but the person lending a hand is enriched with improved self-esteem and benefits from someone else now sharing some of what they themselves see as desirable.

I would suggest to anyone looking for work, or in fact looking to get ahead in their career that it is equally important if not more so, to turn your energy and thoughts to extended your arm and by association your hand out and down to others. How can you help others when you need help yourself you ask? Well words of encouragement and support are financially low-cost. If you are out of work and money’s a problem, do a little volunteer work. That’s reaching down to help raise the spirit of others and perhaps help them out of poverty. Be a part of a team that feeds others, houses others, and you benefit yourself in ways beyond the bricks, mortar and cans of food.

If you are employed, what can you do to improve the working atmosphere for your co-workers? Do something that makes your job more fun, more productive and leaves everyone working with enthusiasm, and you are well on your way to being well thought of yourself, and that can only help your chances of upward movement in the organization. Should this only be your motive? No. However, if you need that motivation, take it for what it is.

I would also hope that no matter whether you are helping out someone below, even or above your situation, you find your actions appreciated but this may not always be the case. Do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do. You will run into people sometimes who will take and take and then take some more without giving back. Don’t be discouraged because there are more people out there who would really appreciate some help than there are who don’t.

So reach out in some direction and help each other along. Your brain has the intelligence to know when and how to do this, and your heart has the compassion and caring to know it’s the right thing to do.

All the best.


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