What Qualifies You For This Job?

When you go into an interview for a job, you should be thinking not so much about why YOU want the job but rather, what do you have to offer the interviewer that separates you from all the other applicants.

You’ve got to look at things from the view of the person who is sitting across from you. After all, you want the job or presumably you wouldn’t have applied. However, what isn’t any guarantee is that they want you. So, while you may have looked good on paper enough to land the interview, you have to raise your game at this point to stand out from the others who also looked good enough on paper to get the interview. That awesome resume got you a seat in the interview. Now is the time for your interpersonal skills, assertiveness, quick-thinking and communication skills to shine.

In the interview, remember that you can lay out some of your paperwork in front of you. You should have a good grasp of the posting and the job requirements. By this time, you should also have done your homework and know more about the company and it’s culture. So armed with this information, you would it is assumed, be able to intelligently answer the question about how your qualifications match the ones the company requires. Keep in mind of course that other applicants who have made it this far also must be equally qualified. So what’s a company looking for? Well something in addition to what they got on the resume.

Okay sure the company interviewer has to verify your qualifications by probing. Once done with this though, the interviewer will be more impressed; and an impression left on them, if you can identify additional qualities that put you in the forefront of the job competition. Your research or advanced networking with other employees in the organization may be your ace that you can play at this point. What have you learned from folks on the inside in terms of identifying problems and do you have a solution to provide?

Don’t make the reveal you have fifteen years experience doing a job if the company clearly stated they wanted someone with 6 months to 1 year only. In this case you now have to convince the interviewer that you’ll be happy doing this when they might assume you’ll only do the job until a promotional opportunity arises. Or you’ll have to waste valuable interview time now explaining that you are indeed trainable and take direction well. I’d assume, as will an interviewer, that you will have difficulty taking direction from someone with less experience, and conflict is inevitable. You may think revealing all that experience is your edge, when in fact the only edge is the guillotine as you remove yourself from the list of suitable applicants.

What should qualify you is your enthusiasm, your zest for the work required, your can-do attitude, your ability to work productively and co-operatively with others – perhaps. As good as these qualities are, they can’t be automatically assumed to be what the employer wants. Did you do your homework? Then working co-operatively might not be what’s required if you will be working independently most of the time. Get the idea

Draw upon your past experience and training that puts you in a position today to succeed. If you have what it takes, take what you have and market it to its best in the job interview! 


2 thoughts on “What Qualifies You For This Job?

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