If You Couldn’t Fail, What Would You Do?

Imagine a situation where you were granted the power to successfully obtain a career or a job; but this magical ability would only be granted a single time. And while the power to realize this dream would happen, it would be up to you to act and work in such a way to keep the job or career once you had it. Got it?

Okay so what job or career did you select? Whether you envisioned your transformation coming from a Genie in a lamp, a Fairy Godmother fluttering around with a wand, or some ethereal figure whispering in your mind while you slept, play along and think about what you’ve magically become overnight. Was it something relatively ordinary, such as Butcher, an Addictions Counsellor, a Salesperson in a mall? Maybe it was a little bit more out of reach like a Professor, a Dentist, an Orchestra Conductor? Or was it truly something unique like an Astronaut, a World Leader, the greatest Athlete in the next Olympics?

Whether you imagine an occupation that is grandiose, highly unlikely, a bit beyond your current means, or relatively easily obtainable, I’d ask you why you can’t make that dream a reality? Oh sure I grant that you’ve not the power to blink your eyes and just make it happen tomorrow afternoon. Let’s get realistic here. However, unless you believe in Leprechaun’s, Unicorns and Aliens that have nothing better to do than mysteriously select you from all the life forms in the universe to transform, you’re going to have to create your own future.

Now if you don’t know what it is that you want to do with the rest of your life, don’t fret. Good advice is to try a variety of things and get some diversified experiences and skills. You’ll really appreciate that accumulated experience down the road and have had lots of stimulation from the variety and diversity of the jobs you’ve undertaken when you look back. You might even find that in the pursuit of many different jobs, one of them ignites your passion and you’ll know you landed where you can make a difference.

Let’s assume though that at least some of you reading this do have a career ambition. Whether its work that requires years of school, education and training, or perhaps just some serious focusing on your part, you need to get going. Every day that you put off getting started is one more day that your dream remains out of reach. Some people don’t even know what steps to take to go from where they are now to where they want to be. Is this the issue? Speak with a highly trained Employment Advisor at a College or University amongst other places.

Work backwards in your mind but put it on paper. Take the end of the journey and write it down. You’re a Teacher for example. Okay so how did you get there? What happened just before you opened the door on the first morning? Well that certificate you got didn’t just drop out of the sky, did it? That came after you graduated from University where you took your Bachelor of Education. Before that you had to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Before that you had to apply to get into the program. Before that you had to apply for some kind of financial aid. Before that you had to do some research and find out where to apply for help. Before that you had to get some career advice and see if teaching interested you as much as you thought it might. Before that you spoke with some teachers who inspired you and asked how they got started. Before that you had to finish and graduate from High School. Whew! That’s a lot of steps.

The above is only meant to serve as a quick illustration of working backwards from some goal to determine what steps you might have to take to realize that end result. Each step of course has varying degrees of time associated with it; 3 or 4 years to get that B.A. followed by 1 or 2 to get your Bachelor of Education Degree and 5 or 6 days to apply for financial aid. So add those numbers into your planning at each step. What you are doing here is building a plan with steps you can measure.

If you connect all those dots and work from step to step, you’ll eventually wake up one morning and realize you’re the Good Fairy and you sprinkled all that fairy dust on yourself and made your own dream come true. Maybe believing in all those Fairies, Genies and magical entities isn’t such a stretch after all, they just walk around on two legs like you do and they’re everywhere. You see you’ve got within you the capacity to do pretty much what you want. Older, wiser people have been telling you and I that for years haven’t they? Turns out they were right.

Create the future you want and there is no difference if your dream is working at a car wash, a variety store, a bowling alley, a lumber mill, on a police force, or whatever else you might name that seems beyond your reach. It all starts with the same process of really wanting something, determining how to move forward to it and then putting your thoughts and plans into action.

Get started.


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