Pespectives On Sundays

Not a lot of people conduct interviews or do any hiring on Sundays. In some climates, you might meet with clients from other businesses on a golf course and talk while you walk for a few hours, but generally speaking, the average job seeker or employee can count on Sunday as a day off so to speak. Depending on who you are, your employment status, and your enthusiasm and motivation, Sunday could mean different things to you.

Rest Day. Sunday might be the one day, possibly coupled with Saturday, that you take a break from job searching, or from planning on how to advance in your organization. A day for family activities, hanging out with your friends, going to a movie; just recharging your batteries so you are at your best on Monday. It could actually mean a day spent sleeping in, lounging in your pyjamas, just resting.

Edge Day. Another way to look at Sunday is a day to get a step up on your competition. With a majority of people taking the day off to rest, you have a day where you can do some research on a career, a job, a company. Maybe this research is done on the internet, maybe it’s getting out and about. For people who devote a part or all of their day to this, there is a psychological boost that you are moving forward and distancing yourself from others that are not working towards employment or advancement. More people are devoting part of their Sundays to job search/advancement activities, simply because of such strong competition out there.

Reward Day. If you really accomplished some good things over a week, why not reward yourself with a day just to do whatever you really want? This behaviour is excellent for realizing the balance between personal and professional life. A trip to a museum, reading a good detective novel, skating on a pond, a visit with your sister What you do to reward yourself is up to you.

Preparation Day. Every good soldier knows that before you throw yourself into a battle, it’s good to prepare, plan and go over what you want to accomplish. So for some, Sunday is the day to wash, dry and iron your interview clothes. This pre-planning makes sure your clothes are just right when you reach for them on Thursday, and therefore eliminating the huge stress of getting dressed for an interview in two hours only to find your skirt has a stain on it and you can’t wear it. Likewise, double-checking on your childcare arrangements for this coming Wednesday when you’ll be out and about dropping off several resumes avoids the frustration of a sitter who forgot and made other plans.

First Day. Look at any calendar and you’ll see Sunday is not the last day of the week; it’s day one. Therefore some people just see this as a regular day to forge on with the whole job search. They scour job postings, tweak or overhaul resumes, re-stock their supplies of paper from the local supply store, and write cover letters.

There are a multitude of ways to look at Sundays. So whether it’s getting jobs done around the apartment or house, taking time for yourself and connecting with friends or getting down to work, you have the power to decide how you make use of your day. YOUR DAY is Sunday. Whatever you do, make an active choice so that Sunday night you really got out of Sunday whatever you wanted to. Feel good about how you spent the day, especially if you’re finding the job search frustrating and your self-esteem is getting assaulted Monday to Friday on a regular basis.

All the best!

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