What Is Of Importance To You?

Making a habit of routinely asking yourself what things are really of importance to you is extremely useful. Why? Well first of all it’s likely that the things you find of value change as you age, change jobs or careers, have children and watch them grow, assume a mortgage, want to travel or buy a cottage etc. Therefore, without really stopping every now and then to articulate what things are of real importance, you may find yourself unsatisfied and restless with your life and not know why.

Of course any conversation about what is of importance to you should be done in conjunction with other significant people in your life. So for example, it’s only going to lead to eventually strife in your life if you go about assessing what’s important in your life and then announce to someone who should be part of that conversation that you’ve arrived at some decision. That decision probably can’t help but impact on your partner.

You might decide that what’s of importance to you is more time with your family. If so, you could find yourself passing up on opportunities to move into a senior position in your workplace if it means travel, overtime, bringing work home etc.

And if you decide that something like extensive travel to some far destination is really important to you, now you can get down to doing some logistical planning. Thinking now about how much money you’ll need, what time of year you want to make the trip, doing some research, asking people you know who may have gone to that part of the world; all of this can be invigorating. And if you are planning such a trip with family members, it can be a great family experience to set aside some time for planning and preparation as a family. If you are into technology, get electronic boards populated with things you’ll need, pictures of where you want to go, things you want to do. Share these and share the excitement.

Not sure what is really important to you or you know exactly what is important to you but it’s not as sexy as a big trip? Well, take paying down your mortgage. Not very exciting and doesn’t generate a lot of Oohs and Ahhs around the water cooler at work. However, if you sit down and determine the total amount you owe and a plan for repaying it back, then create a different plan for paying it back that pays it down faster, you might find your feeling better about your situation and the day you burn the mortgage might be sooner than you think. Thinking ahead in this case, you know that once that mortgage is almost paid off, you’re going to come up with new things that are important to you.

If it’s status, connections, a working vibrant network of people, well start planning now on how to increase and work your connections. Start by asking what you can do or offer to others instead of what they might do for you.

There are many things that may be of importance to you. Re-visit your list, evaluate now and then come up with a plan to make those important things a big part of your life; you’ll be happy you did.



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