And If A Genie Gave You 1 Wish?

Okay so let’s release the boundaries of our imagination and indulge in fantasy for a moment or two. There’s a new employee in the Secretary Pool named Jeanie and as you’re talking in the office supply room you brush some lint off the shoulder of Jeanie and poof!; Jeanie turns out to be a Genie. “I will grant you a shift in attitude, a skill or personality trait but only while you are at work. What is your command?”

Well? What would you want to improve about yourself in a split-second that pertains to your work characteristics? If you choose a skill, you would have the ability to better perform a task or function. Choose a personality trait and you might get more assertive, aggressive, friendly, communicative etc., and a new attitude might make you more likeable, positive, focused or approachable. These are only a few of the choices you could make and you might select other things of course to improve in yourself.

Just imagine how you’ll act differently and be treated differently as a result of your new gift when interacting with your Supervisor, those under you, your co-workers and clients, guests or customers. As with all stories involving the Genie who bestows some gift onto people, the Genie usually says something to the effect of, “Choose wisely”. We all knew what that meant; what appeared to be desired and wished for would somehow be twisted and turned in ways the person wishing couldn’t foresee. That’s what built up the fun of finding out how a seemingly foolproof wish could or would turn out so wrong.

Now you might actually have someone named Jeanie at your office, but I wouldn’t suggest going up to them and rubbing your hands all over their clothes looking for them to transform into the Genie of the Lamp. That part I’m pretty sure will never happen. So is the power to transform only limited to magical Genies, or the touch of a Unicorns horn? Not many workplaces have Unicorns either these days.

You and you alone really have the ability to bring about a change in whatsoever you desire when it comes to a new attitude, an acquired skill or shift in personality trait. It might come back to asking yourself, “How bad do I want it?”. If you don’t want something enough, the likelihood that you will achieve it is suspect because when it requires significant effort, or prolonged effort, you’ll tell yourself it isn’t worth the work and you’ll give up. Now on the other hand, if you want to gain a skill and see that it will not only make your current job easier or you’ll become more productive and profitable, you might have what it takes to stick things out and put in the necessary time and effort to learn and hone that new skill. And really, wouldn’t you appreciate it more once you realize that your hard work and commitment have paid off?

Gifts from Genies might be instant, but you’d really have put in very little of your own investment to get the benefit. Listen to some inspirational speaker, and often they’ll talk about having a goal, devoting a significant amount of time and effort to seeing it come about, and then after much sweat and determination, they achieve their prize. Not many people go up to a podium and give a motivational talk about wishing to have something and having it fall in their lap unexpected without in some way positioning themselves to receive or deserve it.

Remember too that while a skill might seem more easy to obtain than a change in personality or attitude, all three are well within YOUR control to bring about. Picture first what having that change in attitude would look like. How would you walk, act, and say if you had a more positive outlook on a project, more of a commitment to the success of your team, or got along better with a specific co-worker? Once you can picture and visualize how that would look, model your behaviour to match the image in your mind. Bring about the change therefore, and be the Genie yourself.

Only you really know what’s going on in your own mind from one day to another. If you make some inner commitment to be the change you want to see in yourself, you really do have the power to realize it. Over time, that shift becomes more and more prevalent and soon becomes the new norm. What was once noticed as a change by others is soon recognized by others as an accomplishment by you. As a consequence your self-worth and self-image improve, you have an accomplishment to build on and can bring about further changes be they subtle or significant.

But remember, Jeanie is just another person in the pool, don’t rub Jeanie the wrong way.


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