Recognize Someone For The Good They Do

I’d like to encourage or challenge you to join with me and recognize publicly the good works that those in your circle do. Think about those in your workplace, your circle of friends, your on-line connections, your mentors and your family. Whose doing things that are worthy of a word or two of praise?

I’ll start the ball rolling with some words of thanks for some people I know who are doing good things.

First of all I’ll start with the man I share my office space with at work, Trevor. Like me, Trevor is an Employment Counsellor and we are part of a team that facilitate employment workshops for Social Assistance clients. What comfort it is to have someone of his temperament and disposition to work with. We two exchange ideas, philosophies, stories from our clients, brainstorm solutions to problems, and help each other out with the technical challenges of our jobs on a daily basis. The importance of a supportive co-worker should not ever go unrecognized.

There is a woman named Gayle who I have come to know via Linkedin and my blog in the last year or so who from time-to-time has provided me with supportive words of kindness and appreciation for something I’ve passed along. How nice it is to be encouraged by others and those five minutes it takes to read something and then type a brief message are so very welcomed. Gayle has embarked on her own business this year, building on her own professional experience and is now helping others as best she knows how, and I’m so very proud of her.

I’d like to recognize another woman named Carla who has approached me this past year and in the first half of 2013 for some professional and personal advice. It takes a real leap of faith to reach out and expose yourself to someone you don’t know and ask for their advice and then have the strength to actually act on it. Carla is one of the strongest people I’ve met recently, and we all know that the very strongest of swords are the ones forged in the fire and repeatedly hammered and shaped. That forging in the fire must if the blade had a consciousness, make it feel under attack and weak as it is being shaped, but in the end, it emerges stronger than ever.

With respect to Linkedin, I want to draw attention to the leadership provided by Dale who heads up the Collaborative Career Conversations group. Effective, positive leadership draws in good people, and this group is one of the very best. If you don’t believe me, take the word of others who I regularly express this sentiment in their own posts and discussions. Leaders often model the behaviour they are seeking, and while he may never have aspired to be a model, a model of behaviour he is. Thanks Dale.

It’s important to that I acknowledge and recognize my own Supervisor Kathleen. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of working for an employer that didn’t have the skills to lead, you’d do no better than to have a Supervisor such as she, who supports, challenges, recognizes and appreciates. I can honestly say she’s the best Supervisor I’ve had the good fortune to work under, and is a prime example of living the servant leadership model.

Would any list be complete with recognizing my wife; the one who puts up with me every single day? In August we’ll celebrate 30 years of marriage together, and to this day the most vital question I’ve ever posed in my life is the question I once asked of her, “Will you marry me?”. She too models her Management style using the Servant Leadership model. I see the work behind the scenes that she does for her staff and while she is sometimes thanked for it, she is more often not. You know that saying that goes if you want something done as someone who is busy to do it? That’s her.

And although he’ll never read it, I’ll recognize my neighbour Noel. Here’s a man who installs metal roofing and has been at it for years. The trades are hard work, and he’s often gone while I’m still sitting at home at 5:00a.m. Out all day working in blazing sun, high winds, and sketchy weather and then coming home and always chatting with a smile on his face and optimism flowing out his mouth. Great neighbours are a joy to have and can make your home life a pleasure.

So there’s a short list that comes to mind of some people – and there are others not named – that I would like to recognize.

Who is on your mind? Take a moment if you will and add to the process. Recognizing others isn’t only a nice thing to do, but it is critically important as a skill to develop.

I look forward to reading YOUR thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Recognize Someone For The Good They Do

  1. Thank you Kelly for all of your hard work and dedication to sharing your information in your blog. Your co-workers and O/W participants are very fortunate to have you there to help them and encourage them during these challenging economic times


    1. Thank YOU Dave for your constant support and words of encouragement. You’ve got an outlook that I can relate to and your focus is aligned with mine on what’s really important; our clientele!


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