Maybe You Want A Job And Maybe You Don’t

This blog isn’t for everyone; but I want you to read it as if it were personally directed at you. Too many people are reading these days and assuming the suggestions and directions are really intended for people they know but not themselves. So this one’s for you.

So you’re unemployed. I am going to pose a question to you and pay attention to your immediate response after you read it. Ready? Here goes; “Who is to blame for your unemployment?” Did you name yourself or did you name some other person like your previous boss, a past co-worker or other? Most people who answer this question go back into the recent or distant past to the time when they were sacked, fired, laid off, shelved, put out to pasture, made redundant, forced to quit, mothballed or given the gears.

Point one: replaying the past is a key mistake. What happened cannot be a do-over like some video game where you hit the reset button. This is September of 2013 and you’re alive in the here and now. You and you alone have the power to make decisions about your present and your future, but both may be robbed by your constant memories of the past. When people say, “Get over it”, that’s actually great advice. Get past grieving over your lost income and identity as a former employee of such-and-such company, and start moving towards new income and a new identity as a future employee of such-and-such company.

Point two: stop whining. “Nobody will hire me”. When you make statements like this one, you reveal all kinds of issues in those four words. First of all, have you got rejected by EVERYONE or just everyone you’ve applied to? In other words if you have applied for two jobs in the last month and they both ignored you, that’s 100% of the applications you submitted but it’s hardly everybody! You also sound an attitude problem that may be hard for anyone helping you to overcome. Substitute, “I’m having difficulty finding employment”; others can work with that.

Point three: take responsibility. So is unemployment your fault? Well, what are you doing on a daily basis to find work? How many hours of honest, focused effort are you putting out? Are you applying to jobs that you are qualified for? Are you researching companies and jobs or can’t be bothered? If YOU are the one who is unemployed, then YOU are the one who has the sole responsibility and power to change things. How bad do YOU want it?

Point four: get help. If you have been looking for a job for a long time, I’ll bet there are some problems you are either ignorant of or refuse to address in how you are going about things. Asking for help is only for the wise so you might not be strong enough for this yet. The foolish and weak don’t seek out help because they know better than everyone else and have it all figured out. The wisest use both ears to hear, their eyes to see what is and what could be, their mouth to ask for aid, and in turn to express thanks.

Point five: get serious. Demand more of the person you see in the mirror; yourself. Job searching is a job in itself. How hard are you working? Isn’t it about time you got up early – yes early – had a shower, shaved, ate breakfast, checked your email, searched for jobs, researched companies, made some phone calls, set up some meetings, networked with others, revised that resume and cover letter to actually target a job, updated your computer skills, your interpersonal skills, your specific job skills in the field of your choice, followed up on your applications, revamped your clothing to brand yourself as a professional; in short….HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE. Demand an interview, then demand a job.

1) Live in the present
2) Stop whining
3) Take responsibility
4) Get Help
5) Get Serious

Taking control of your present situation should be uncomfortable and a lot of work. Are you up for it? Maybe you’d rather sit in that comfy recliner and chat on FB with your BFF, who if they really were your best friend forever would be kicking your sorry butt to get up out of that chair and DO SOMETHING with your life?

Maybe poverty is right for you, and a conscious career choice; you only go around once so why spent most of your life toiling away for the almighty dollar, and success is really all about riding on the Life Train for free.

I suspect you want more actually. If somebody has plunked this down in front of you, sent it to you in the form of an email, directed you to this blog or discussion thread, there’s a reason. Somebody close to you still believes in you enough that they figure you’re worth it. Oh you can be angry at them for having the nerve to share this with you, and you have every right to wonder at the gall I’ve got in calling you out when I don’t know the first thing about you.

Bottom line is you have only one of two reactions to what you’ve read if you got this far. Do something about your present unemployment or do nothing about your present unemployment. Suck it up or don’t. Get going or don’t. YOUR CHOICE; and life is all about choices.


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