Your Feedback Please

Every now and then, something innovative and different comes along, and I wonder to myself, “Is that something I could use?”

Some time ago when I was building my LinkedIn profile, I noticed there is a section immediately below the summary which allows you to add presentations you’ve created. Every time I look at my profile and wonder, “How could I improve or add to it?”, this intrigues me.

Leaving LinkedIn for just a moment, I have also for some time been tinkering with Prezi. If you haven’t heard of Prezi before, imagine PowerPoint, but with 3D slides, and more visual interest. I’ve created a few presentations on the basics of resumes and interviews, but have been using it to create my own career timeline. This is essentially a, “Prezume” if you will; my past jobs and education in a linear timeline, my contact information etc.

So these two independent activities merged yesterday when I thought to myself, “Why not incorporate my Prezi timeline into the profile I’ve created on LinkedIn?” So I did. Now of course one might say that the LinkedIn profile page itself is good enough in terms of representing one’s past education and experience, and I’d agree actually. However, some people might enjoy viewing the timeline I’ve created in a different medium. And even though my profile says I’m creative, where’s the proof?

And this it where it hits home with me: it does demonstrate creativity and applicable application of some knowledge that I say I possess, rather than just claim to have. You’ve experienced this yourself I imagine where you’re conducting an employment interview, or you are the applicant being interviewed. The interviewer is asking probing questions designed to get you to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments, while the applicant is doing their best to sound credible, and convince the employer that they can actually do all the things they say they can.

So I’m asking you to help out a colleague if you have the inclination and of course the time to do so. Visit my profile page on LinkedIn, and immediately at the bottom of the Summary section, you’ll see a Presentation. Click on it and a new window opens up which you need to maximize. In the new window, I’d suggest you also choose a full screen option and then click on the play icon. Along the bottom of the Prezi, you’ll see a right arrow and you use this to advance the slides.

Feedback of course is what I’m after. How does this resonate with you? Did it flow in a way that captured your attention and was the information contained in it useful in giving you some idea of what I’ve learned in my previous employment? Does it end logically and what overall impression are you left with?

One of the great things about LinkedIn as I’ve said before, and social media in general is the sharing of ideas, best practices and the opportunity that is presented daily to learn new things, and then, if you are lucky, to find a way to make them useful in your own life. So you may look at what I’ve done and then some time later have your own thoughts about using this medium to represent and share some of your own work in your daily job.

Someone who supervises employees in a factory could make a training video come alive and add sound, pictures, video and hold the attention of trainees longer. An Employment Counsellor in another part of the world could envision making a presentation in 3D that they might want to use to help a class move forward in exploring new career choices.

One idea sparking another, and maybe even sharing back the morphing of that original idea is a beautiful thing. And there may be a multitude of different platforms, applications and presentation media out there that are equally valid or even better than what I’ve created. In fact, I know there must be.

It seems to be in my nature to explore, experiment and share various new things that I find. Sometimes these things will be new to others, and I imagine people sometimes must be saying, “And he’s just finding out about these things now? Really?” I’ve never pretended to know it all, or be on the cutting edge of anything, but when I do something new for the first time, it’s exciting to me and something to share on the off-chance others find it new and useful too.

Now think if that tired old paper resume I was hypothetically submitting for a new job, found its way on to the desk of the Hiring Manager… She looks it over having just waded through the first 17 others, and then in the contact information section she not only finds my phone number and email, but also my LinkedIn URL and the URL to my Prezi timeline….

Can you see how this might ignite a response? Something different, practical, demonstrating creativity, innovation and it may prompt that Manager to extend an invitation for an interview. After all, if I’m creative and interested enough to create something for the interview, just imagine what I could do if on the payroll of the company….BAZINGA! That’s the light bulb moment for the interviewer all applicants want to achieve.


One thought on “Your Feedback Please

  1. It certainly is an interesting and unique way to present your past work, education experiences and current job into a visual format-so I like it! Reminds me of a Genogram which I used in assessments with clients re: their family, a timeline of sorts; think genealogy. Some people are visual, some learn best by reading and others by hearing.


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