My Blog Gets A Makeover!

Not for the first time, I received feedback pointing out that the blog I write is difficult to read with a black background. So when one person tells me something I think about it, when two people tell me the same suggestion, I figure it’s time to act.

And twice now, a valued connection of mine has made the same request to change the background colour. And so if you visit my blog, you find that I’ve given it a fresh new makeover.

Keep the people happy and hopefully they keep coming! If you found things difficult to read, please check it out and let me know what you think now. Let’s hope that now you get both content and easy-to-read visuals that make the experience enjoyable.

Personally I liked the darker background, and the abstract banner that accompanied it. It was called, “Chaotic Soul” by whoever designed it. If that was you and you have somehow been notified that one of your users packed in your design, it wasn’t without some regret. That blog design was used in the first blogs I wrote – in excess of 390.

390 blogs with the same design and banner. Now that’s consistent branding.
The new look comes with a zoomed-in chess board. Why did I go for this look you might ask as a banner? Well, I was thinking that after reading the advice in my job search blog that I offer up daily, “IT’S YOUR MOVE”. That will be my little secret…oh wait…I’ve just shared it with you all. Okay so it’s not such a secret.

So for Stephen and for Bonnie, and everyone else who wished I’d change the look but didn’t voice that opinion to me, here you go. I do aim to please.



3 thoughts on “My Blog Gets A Makeover!

  1. I also found the black background of the previous blog hard on the eyes, but I liked the look of the blog. I like the new look as well along with the analogy of chess, strategy and making moves; thinking career moves……


  2. This is very fresh, clean and clear to read….though I had no trouble with the previous format.
    You write such great blogs – practical and clear advice, so we don’t want anyone missing out on them because of the black background!
    Warm wishes


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