A Final Post For 2013

All over this planet, people will be welcoming in the new year with high hopes for 2014 and what it might bring. And during that time, some will reflect back on the passing year – in this case 2013 – what was good and bad, made them happy or sad, what’s been accomplished and what’s as yet incomplete.

There may have been milestones such as in my own case for example, when my daughter got married on January 5th – almost a full year ago now. Definitely a positive highlight, as was my own 30th wedding anniversary with my wife Janine. Funny to think that in talking with friends and co-workers, 30 years of marriage ranks us as unusually long, even with people of our own age. For others, second marriages or living together for periods of time before marrying, etc. all seem to have made our 30 years together something to savour.

And I can say I close off 2013 with good health, having had nothing worse than a brief cold and a singular weekend with a stiff back after having got the house ready for winter at the near end of the Fall. Like many others, I could do to lose a few pounds I admit, and to acknowledge my own shortcomings, I’ve felt that way the last few years without seemingly done much about it. I suppose that makes me normal in a way, as we often have goals we want to reach that go unmet.

Does it not come down then to determining what is it we wish to achieve and how motivated we truly are to realize those goals and make progress towards achieving the desired results? Be it a loss of weight, a new job, the purchase of a home or proposing marriage to someone we love; it comes down to how bad we want it. Surely if we want something bad enough, we should be motivated then to take the necessary steps to make a plan that will result in a goal realized.

So let’s look at you then, and let’s look at things from the view of the employment picture. Are you working at present in a job that you do well, love and are paid well for? These three components tend to be most often cited when people talk of job satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. To repeat, a job or career you perform well in, truly love doing, and are well compensated for doing. Many people have only one or two of these things; love what they do and do it well but the pay is poor for example. Or perhaps dislike what they do but do it extremely well and aren’t paid well.

If it’s important to you, (and this is the critical question) you will either take steps to correct the situation, (which is necessary to change the outcome), or you will do nothing and your situation will perpetuate long into 2014 and beyond. What would your future self prefer you do here as you stand on the very edge of 2014?

Are you entirely unemployed? If you are out of work, I run the risk of simplifying things but are you happy not working or do you want to be working? There are many who really are happiest not working. Maybe taking a year or two prior to official retirement to just coast into that period. Maybe the unemployment has been for an extended period and you’ve got used to living below what you once thought you saw as not possible. Some do find unemployment liberating. For others, unemployment means no boss to answer to, no schedule to have to bow to, no deadlines and pressures that go with them.

But if working is important to you, this is a singular time of year to sponge away the past, recapture your enthusiasm for a structured job search, and update your skills and become more marketable. Depending upon your own situation of course, you may have a large unemployment gap or a small one, out-of-date or current references, know what you want to do or not and have or need the education and skills to compete.

One good thing for your self-esteem is to realize that there isn’t a single person on the entire planet who has training and education in 2014 on their resume. Any course you take or certificate you obtain early in 2014 will help you stand out from others who have 2013 or earlier on their resume. In other words, we’re all lined up at the same starting line and no one has the inside track. The longer you wait to take training and get going, the further behind you’ll be, and the more ground you’ll have to make up in the Summer or Fall of 2014.

Make appointments with people who can help you out. See your Doctor and get a checkup, a Career Advisor to help determine some direction, a Financial Planner to get your future stabilized financially so you can do the things you want without regret. See an Employment Counsellor to get your resume up-to-date and marketing you at your best. Talk with previous co-workers, employers and friends, being sure to get their titles and contact information so you have references ready when needed. Put some effort into the man or woman in the mirror – be it clothing or grooming.

“2014 is MY year. I will make this year count for something. I not only WANT to work, I NEED to work. I owe it to MYSELF to treat myself better!”


5 thoughts on “A Final Post For 2013

    1. Thank you very much Liz… much appreciated. I look forward to 2014 and anticipate great changes for the good coming.

      Here’s to a continuous good working relationship Liz.

      All the very best to you this coming year!!


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  1. You’ve written some really great posts this year, Kelly, including one in particular about the unemployed that really stood out to me.Just wanted to thank you for them,and for this one as well. Happy, happy New Year to you and your family!


  2. Kelly,
    Happy New Year and as usual a good post! A new year is a time to review the past year and to think about the upcoming year as well. Continue with the good career advice as I am sure many benefit!-Vikki


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