The Resume Of Jesus Christ

This isn’t going to be blasphemous, and I mean no disrespect. Just read along with an open mind until you see where I’m going with this one. Agreed? Great.

Way back in the time of Jesus, you probably wouldn’t find a traditional resume, because paper was pretty hard to come by. Earlier than that, you could hardly be like Moses carrying around your stone tablets – yours inscribed with your work history instead of the ten commandments. After all, it would take forever to scratch out your resume, and what if they asked you to bring along a few copies! (And isn’t it ironic that Moses carried around two tablets and here we are 2000 years later and tablets are again all the rage for storing and sharing information?) Bet you hadn’t thought of that!

But back to Jesus. Imagine applying today’s guidelines and sitting down with Him to craft a resume. First off you’d be telling Him not to mention anything about religion on his resume. That would pretty much do it right there. “No, we can’t put your childhood experience of reading religious books to church elders on your resume”.

Now he was a Carpenter by all accounts; a trade that wouldn’t have made him rich, but would have given Him regularly customers and helped make a living. So imagine, he came to you and said, “Well I heard the voice of God, and He wants me to chuck this carpentry thing”. Now giving up a line of work that seems sensible and practical might raise a few eyebrows. “Okay…” you might say with a voice that is doubtful, “So what career does God have in mind for you?”

“Well as far as I can make out”, Jesus would have told you, “I don’t really quite know the full idea yet, but I’m going to take a few years and wander around, meet some new people, make a few friends, visit a few new places…see if I can spread the word around about God and what He’s got in mind.” Now be honest, if your kid was going to pack in their career which at 30 was well underway, and had what appeared to be a loose plan for doing something fairly unusual, what advice would you give?

Hey that’s a thought…if you’re contemplating a major career change, consider that if He did it at 30 years old, it’s alright that you could do it too.

So there you are helping him put together a resume, and you ask about his qualifications for the career He’s now pursuing. “What qualifications do you have?”, you politely ask. “I’m the son of God”. Now how’s that going to look when that arrives by caravan in the next town? Not really going to make a good impression on most Hiring Manager’s these days, and it sure didn’t go over all that well with Pilate or with King Herod. Probably best to omit that.

Well the man was an orator. He had public speaking abilities, people came from miles to hear him talk. His interpersonal skills were well-developed and He smiled a great deal by all accounts so you could use that. Now what else… “I can heal the sick”, Jesus adds hopefully. “Great!, can I see your degree? We can definitely put this on your resume!” Turns out of course that He didn’t go to University, and is practicing without a licence to do so. That could get him fired today if the employer finds out He has no documents.

“I’ve been known to raise the dead”. You chuckle and then realize He’s not laughing, and is quite serious. Again maybe not something to broadcast on the old resume. Yes some people think you should embellish a little on a resume, but raising the dead? Too much.

“Have you written anything? Papers, books? “Well I’ve got these twelve friends who hang out with me, and they’ve been noting things with the intention of writing my biography one day”. Not going to work either really. After all, that would credit them with writing skills not Jesus here.

“I can turn water to wine! I did that at a wedding once.” Not very impressive really. After all, squeezing dried grapes and adding some water would take time to ferment into wine so it couldn’t have been very good to do it on the spot and have it taste good. “So you were part of a caterer’s team then? I can use that!” “Oh no, I mean I literally just turned the water into wine. Everybody who tasted it thought it was awesome – literally.”

Now be honest. If you heard that today and you were the Employment Counsellor, you’d say this fellow was off his rocker. Sometimes the advice we the helpers give about what to include and exclude on a resume, while always well-intended, may in retrospect show our own prejudices or reflect what we perceive to be the prejudices of those whom hire.

How cool it would have been though to only much later have it dawn on you that all the claims He made were true, and there He had been, asking for your help and you thought Him odd at best, mentally unwell at worst. The same goes for some of those with whom we work today. Your acceptance, or the benefit of doubt can be a wonderful thing to give someone.


2 thoughts on “The Resume Of Jesus Christ

  1. It would sound weird to have a client say that he or she “heard the voice of God” in regards to a career choice. However, I think it happens more than we know. I remember a book by Richard Bolles (author of Color is Your Parachute) titled Finding Your Mission in Life. He said your mission (your career path) is written in your DNA, in the work you embrace with enthusiasm. It’s interesting that career counselling terms such as enthusiasm and vocation both have their roots in God. Ethos from Enthusiasm means power of God. And, vocation means “calling”. So, I guess one of the jobs of a Career Counsellor is to be a mirror of God’s power in people.


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