Who Benefits When You Get A Job?

If getting a job generally comes easy to you when you start looking for one, it also follows that you have less of an appreciation for what it finally means to get one after you’ve been without one for a long time and looking. So the most important to benefit from getting a job is the person themselves.

I am in a position where I see that joy and stress release first-hand because I work with the unemployed and the underemployed on a daily basis. Some literally jump with joy, others shed tears of joy, but they all smile and I know how much the job is going to help restore their self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image.

But have you stopped and thought about who else benefits from the fact you get a job? There’s a long list of people who benefit directly and indirectly. The most obvious would be your spouse or partner if you have one. They not only share in the financial money that’s coming into the house, but they also have a load taken off their shoulders. They may not have said it bothers them that you’ve been without a job, but perhaps that’s because they didn’t want to add to your own pressure and make you feel worse.

Children also directly benefit because mom, dad or both are happier now and easier to be around. There’s some money for a few things that last month couldn’t be purchased; from the inexpensive like a meal out to a long anticipated purchase they’ve been really wanting but either stopped asking for, or now tell you how much they want. Depending on their age, they’ve been carrying some guilt and stress too.

Now beyond the nuclear family, there’s the extended family – you know, mom and dad, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, etc. All those people may have expected more of you and made it pretty clear, or they may have been more subtle about it, but you’ll see that change I hope as they share in your success.

But what if you are single and have no family? Well people you may not realize still benefit from your employment. The mortgage holder or the Landlord you rent from will be much relieved if you were falling behind in your payments. And this goes for creditors like insurance companies, credit card companies, department stores where you have an account. Some people still have student loans to pay off years after going to school, and they’ll be happy to see you start making those payments again.

If you let your car insurance lapse and then couldn’t afford the gas to fill the tank, you’ll also feel better getting that car back on the road. That’s going to help you get around more and not just to and from the job. It’s easier now to bring home the groceries in one trip instead of several a week, take the kids to school etc. And back on to the kids, maybe you can now afford those music lessons, sports leagues or your spouse’s fitness classes.

And then there’s your hairdresser who will be happier to see you on a more regular basis. Your good fortune is now helping their bottom line too. The farmer who grows the fruits and vegetables comes out a winner too, because you’re buying better quality fresh foods instead of cheaper processed foods, and his supply is more in demand from the grocery store. This is true too for the person raising the cattle who produce the dairy and meats that you’ve cut back on while out of work.

The local businesses that clothe you; putting shoes on your feet, shirts, pants or dresses on your body all make a few more sales, and the cab driver who’ll now get a call more often or the bus driver who now sees you as a regular all benefit from your employment too. And there’s the small business owners who run specialty stores, like a hobby, electronics or craft store, they’ll hear you ring that little bell on their doors more often too.

And if any major appliance should stop working, you’re now in a position to call in the expert to repair it or replace it instead of making do without. Even your neighbours benefit if for no other reason than you are in a better mood when they see you.

And what of the dentist who you saw less often because you were worried about paying for needed work? When you make that appointment, they come out a winner too as do you for getting the work done before it becomes a bigger problem. If you are a homeowner, maybe you can now contract with the local landscaping company to fertilize and kill your weeds like you did in years past before your unemployment.

And that trip you were promising the family or yourself when you got your next job? Whether near or far, the hotel or campground owners, the chambermaids and summer staff – they all keep their jobs because you and others like you keep them in business with yours. And thinking small, even the birds in your backyard win if you start filling up the bird feeders again because you can afford it!

There’s a lot of people who have an interest in your employment status. And I suspect you can add many more!


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