How Colourful Are You?

This morning dawned beautifully around me today. I was showered and dressed early enough to have 15 minutes outdoors and took the opportunity to give the vegetable garden and the flowers a drink. All around me there were shades of green from bright vivid new growth to darker variations of perennials with mature boughs. There was a blue sky emerging from hues of pinks and reds mixed with tinges of yellows.

As I looked around it was silent other than for the sound of the droplets of water that was falling on the earth and the leaves of plants and petals of flowers. I took in the dark earth where I had saturated the ground and noticed how in areas I’d yet to water things were beige in comparison. The grass a uniform green with no signs of the brown which will eventually come when the hot dry days of summer become more frequent.

Around me there was the black fireplace, the chocolate-brown gazebo, the bright pink geraniums in the flower boxes, the glistening green leaves of the orange and pear trees. Violet Iris petals are in the stage of emerging from their variegated leaves of greens and whites.

And I soaked it all up.

The effect of this 15 minute time span I afforded myself was that I started the day much more at ease, and I counted myself fortunate to enjoy the efforts of a lot of hours of labour. I was alone, there was no one to share it with at 6:15 a.m. in the morning, and it was mine alone. I was not okay with this, I relished it.

And moments later as I got in the car to start my 1 hour commute to work, I was still content and rolling along with a good feeling inside. Sitting here in my office as I write this (for its odd that I’m doing it here at all as it normally gets done at home between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.) that feeling is lingering on still, but I feel it diminishing. There’s other people drifting in and saying, “Good morning” as they pass.

Maybe I’m just more aware of the colours today because of the time outside this morning. It strikes me that being Friday, a number of my co-workers will say things like, “Happy Friday!” (just heard one as I wrote this ironically), and very few will be ‘blue’ today.

Ever notice when you’re healthy you might say you’re feeling in the pink? Have a bad day you want to forget and it’s a white wash? Ever been in a dark mood? And if you’re in that dark mood but someone else is joyful you get ‘green’ with envy?

Colour and colourful phrases are all around us. I’ve even heard someone refer to another person who is a little down but still functioning as experiencing a ‘blown-out’. That’s quite the opposite as going around as if you are walking on sunshine. And I must confess every now and then when wishing someone a good day at the end of an email, I’ll wish them a rainbowlicious day. Not really a word of course; kind of a Kelly invention I suppose. But the intent there is to have the best of it all, the whole colour spectrum at once.

And speaking of rainbows, there’s those in our society that have adopted that icon as their own and it’s associated with people who are gay, lesbian, transgendered, queer etc. It’s just inclusive of all things and I suppose that’s the reason it’s been adopted by that population.

As for the world of job searching and career exploration, one of the best books I read many years ago that I found very helpful was a book called, “What colour is your parachute?” Never heard of it? You should look for it and give it a read. It comes very highly recommended by myself and others, as a good tool for trying to plot out some career direction, get to know yourself and what would be a good fit.

Let’s not forget too that there’s an entire program called, “Personality Dimensions”. This program gets participants to find out what ‘colour’ they are; green, gold, orange or blue based on completing several self-assessments. Without going into great detail, it even summarizes the entire process with the conclusion that we’re all plaid – no kilts required by the way.

Just now as I’m writing this, I wonder to myself about those who are colour blind, and I can’t really imagine what the world must look light in various shades of light and dark but with no colour. While I wonder at this literal blindness, I’m thinking to about those who are ‘blind’ to the idea of respecting other people’s ‘colours’, or don’t quite get how to interact with those who on the surface seem to interpret things so differently from how we see the world. That’s a huge piece of Personality Dimensions. While I’m not plugging that program, it could be very useful to your team.

So whether you’re blue, in the pink, see the world with rose-coloured glasses, your finances are in the red, hair is greying, or hue are a kaleidoscope of colour, enjoy your day. Look around you and appreciate what you see, consider adding some colour to your day be it through flowers, clothes, paintings, or conversation. May you get your day off to a good start too!


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