Rules To Get Hired And Work By

Agree or Disagree? Got a favourite? One that you love or loathe?

1. Be a few minutes early for job interviews.
2. Before any interview or meeting, brush your teeth, use some mouthwash.
3. Rather than telling no one, tell everybody you are looking for work. It works.
4. What day is the best day to start your job search? TODAY.
5. Contact people who might be willing to be a work reference for you now.
6. Inform your references when you are given an interview so they have a heads up and are prepared.
7. Use deodorant and wear clean clothes the with the same frequency; that’d be always.
8. Despite what you may see on the street, pants were designed to conceal all your underwear.
9. Even if you are a tradesperson, get yourself a button up shirt and a pair of khaki’s at the very least for interviews.
10. Got kids? Don’t just get a child care provider; get a back up to the childcare provider in the even of their illness.
11. Interview? Don’t talk about your kids, marital status, drug use, criminal record, religion or age.
12. Plan your route to the job interview ahead of time and have an alternate in mind.
13. While waiting for your interview, write down the name of the Receptionist and be friendly.
14. Don’t wing the interview. No, you’re not that good.
15. Know what’s on your resume, especially if someone else helped you make it.
16. References shouldn’t be: parents, siblings, religious leaders, Employment Counsellors or gang members.
17. “Are you bondable?” does not mean, “Do you have a criminal record?”
18. Do some company research before the interview…the other applicants will.
19. Your resume should be on good quality white paper.
20. Take 4 copies of your resume to the interview. One for you, three in case it’s a panel interview. 21. Interview don’ts: chew gum, play with your hair, bounce your leg continually, tap a pen, crack your knuckles.
22. Keep your health problems to yourself unless specifically asked and you need an accommodation.
23. Do reveal your minority, physically challenged or native status if the job advertisement is hiring those traits.
24. Don’t take your mom or dog to the interview. Not cool.
25. No swearing at the interview or on the job. Not cool.
26. Know what best qualifies you for a job.
27. Know what you’d have to work on if hired.
28. Have two or three questions ready to ask at the interview. Look interested in the answers!
29. When applying on-line, follow instructions on the website to the letter.
30. Good manners never go out of style.
31. Thank people. Often. (That means daily).
32. When you disagree, take issue with their words or position, but never the person.
33. Earn your reputation with purpose. What do you want to be known for?
34. Stay up with technology; at the very least learn how to use 8 fingers and both thumbs on the keyboard.
35. Asking for help is never a bad idea. (unless you do it 100% of the time and people see you as dead weight)
36. Before the interview, empty your bladder and fill your tummy.
37. Alcohol is never a good idea on the job. Even if it’s an interview over a meal, choose not to.
38. If you are offered a smoke, decline.
39. Clean up your social media pages.
40. Brand and market yourself.
41. When you ask for suggestions and help, be prepared and open to the feedback.
42. Know your learning style. Do you learn best by watching, hearing or doing? That can help your employer help you in the early days of employment.
43. ‘Smile’ has the word, ‘mile’ in it. Make yours wide and use it often.
44. Attract positive people to you by being a positive person to begin with. Like attracts like.
45. In both big and small ways, just be nice to other people. What goes around comes around.
46. Treat your current job like a very long interview for your next job. You might get a promotion.
47. Keep your brain active by learning new trends in your field.
48. Never be rude to anyone. Even the Bus Driver deserves your respect. Be rude, and they might need to just stop for a long coffee/washroom break.
49. Ball caps are for baseball games and personal time. Leave it at home the day of the interview.
50. Keep up on the daily news. You’ll sound knowledgeable and add to conversations around you.
51. Sit up straight in your chair. Posture isn’t only good for your health, it’s good for your career.
52. Keep your hair clean and well-groomed.
53. If you’ve got facial hair, keep it well-groomed.
54. No matter what cultural group your from, treat all people as your equal.
55. Stretch yourself a bit and take on work or assignments that will involve work on your part.
56. Get out at lunch time and walk about. Take in some fresh air, re-adjust your eyes and attitude.
57. Respect others personal space. Don’t pinch their paperclips or borrow their change without asking.
58. When you ask someone, “How are you today?”, actually listen to them.
59. Never assume advice you hear is meant for other people. Hello?
60. A person’s name is music to their ears. Make an effort to call people by their name.
61. Enthusiasm is one of the most desirable qualities employers look for.
62. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It gives you the energy you need.
63. “I haven’t had my coffee yet”, is not an acceptable reason to be miserable.
64. Be considerate of others time. You might be on break, but they may not.


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