How One Man Landed A Job

This blog is all about how one person ended up successfully obtaining employment. Funny thing is he doesn’t deserve all the credit, nor do I, nor in fact does one of my colleagues yet…but I’m getting ahead of the story. Let me tell it to you in the sequence it happened. You can benefit from reading this whether you are looking for a job or you are someone who helps others with their employment. There’s something here for everyone.

It starts three weeks ago on day one of a Career Exploration class. Initially 60 people received a letter in the mail inviting them to this class. Of the 60 invited, on day one 24 people showed up. Of the 24 who showed up on that first day, 1 left after 10 minutes due to her high anxiety. Of the 23, 1 failed to return after the first mid-morning break and provided no explanation – just didn’t return. Of the 22 who completed the first day, 3 failed to come back on day 2. The 19 remaining after that first day completed the entire week.

As I facilitated the class, guiding each participant through numerous self-assessments, helping them to both complete and understand the results, I observed the people. I also got to know each person a little, how much they participated, did they show up on time, come early or arrive late. I saw too how well or poorly they interacted with others, and respected others views. Essentially yes, I sized each person up over the week, shaping my opinion of them with each comment they’d make, each behaviour I witnessed.

The two-weeks following the actual class itself, I met each person 1:1 for over an hour and discussed what they learned, what occupation(s) they might now want to pursue and got to know them even more. Each person was told the same thing; it was now up to them to take all that good information they found out about themselves, and research the jobs or careers their interests suggested might be a good fit. I knew even as I said those words to each person, only a small percentage would actually do the necessary work. Some had the interest and some didn’t. Some had the skills and others didn’t.

So now we are up to this week, and the schedule has me facilitating an Introduction to Computers class. At one point I called a break for 15 minutes and made the decision to leave the classroom for a stroll. Normally I’d turn right when leaving the class and head out of the Resource Centre and make my way back to my own office. On this day, I turned left however, and made a decision to look around the drop-in part of our Resource Centre and see if there was anyone there to say hello to. And that’s when I spied him.

There he was sitting at a computer job searching. When I asked what jobs he was looking for, he said he had decided on warehouse work, shipping and receiving – that sort of thing. And just then I recalled getting an email 1 day prior from a Job Developer whose office is next to mine about a company hiring people for such work. “Don’t go anywhere”, I said to him and went to see her.

“I’ve got a guy you should meet”, I told Finuzza the Job Developer. He’s here and I think he’d be good for that job. Can you meet with him?” So Finuzza met with him right away interrupting her work, told him of the job and sent him back out with the details to put together his resume and send it out – and he did just that.

Yesterday I was told by Finuzza that not only did he apply, but he had an interview and was hired on the spot. Oh yes, people do get hired in December this close to Christmas. So let me summarize the what had to happen to get a job in his case.

Finuzza: 1) Met an employer 2) shared an email advertising the job 3) met a client unscheduled interrupting her work 4) assessed him as I did as a good candidate 5) provided him the details 6) reported on his success to me.

My role: 1) Met him in a Career Exploration class and liked the impression he made 2) made a random decision to take a break and chance took me left instead of right 3) saw him and opted to initiate contact 4) was impressed he was job searching and that sparked my memory of the email Finuzza had sent 5) used my break to initiate contact with Finuzza and introduce him to her.

And him: 1) Took a Career Exploration class and made a good impression 2) came to job search independently showing further self-commitment 3) took advantage of an opportunity to look into a job 4) met with Finuzza unexpectedly and made another good impression 5) took the posting and the initiative to target and send his resume 6) went for an interview and made a 3rd good impression 7) accepted the job offer on the spot.

This guy put himself in a position to succeed by a series of good choices. When luck came along, he was prepared to seize the opportunity. We all played a part in his success but it all started with him and he deserves the bulk of the credit.

By the way, 1 of those people who took that Career Exploration class is now in my Computer class – continuing to make a good impression as she commits to her future success.


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