This Is The Final Day

As today is December 31st, 2014 I thought I’d remind you that today is the final day. “The final day?”, I can imagine you are asking yourself; what is he talking about? Well I’m just reminding you that as it’s the final day of the year, tomorrow is the day you promised yourself you’d get on with it. You know, that change you’ve put putting off because you might as well make a fresh start of something and 2015 seemed like a logical time to begin.

That’s the thing you see about putting things off to some point in the future; the future eventually becomes your present. Often it’s the things we really should have been doing once we realized we weren’t that we put off, and we somehow rationalize the decision to put things off if there’s some external event that somehow justifies putting things off for the time being.

Take looking seriously for a job. Are you one of the people who put off looking for work in late November and all of December and somehow justified that decision by saying, “Nobody hires in December so I’ll get going when 2015 begins.” Yep, that’d be tomorrow. So are you ready to launch into that job search on a full-time basis tomorrow morning? Or are you going to now say, “Well, nobody is even working on New Year’s Day so I’ll start looking on January 2nd.” Uh huh.

So who am I? Your consciousness? Have I become the little voice that is now trying to hold you accountable to the words or perhaps just the thoughts you had awhile ago? Maybe and maybe not. And if not a full-time job search, was it a promise to lose a few pounds, get more active, be a better person, read a bit more, do a bit more around the house? What was it you promised yourself or put off until the new year because it seemed so convenient at the time as a way of putting off what you should have actually been doing back then?

Making a change from a pattern you have established over a period of time usually doesn’t come easily. We can walk into a dark room and with a flick of a switch the room instantly becomes light and stays bright until somebody flicks that switch again. Making a change in our routines and practices however requires more stamina and more effort to achieve the results we desire. And at the slightest setback, those with limited commitment to change may use their minor setback as justification to pack the whole ‘change’ thing in and revert to their previous ways.

So I suppose it now comes down to, “How bad do you want it?” How much do you want a job and the income that comes with it that would give you financial independence and raise your sense of self-worth and self-image? Are you still content to accept your unemployment? It sure takes a lot more effort to motivate yourself and get going on looking seriously for work. It is so much easier and requires so much less effort to just blame the economy, slam employers, blame immigrants who are stealing all the jobs, point to your age as the problem and the prejudicial attitudes of Human Resources personnel who won’t hire someone as well qualified as you despite your growing gap in work history.

And we do tend to point the finger at external factors and blame others for our situation don’t we? “It’s because of him or her that I ended up this way.” “If only the government would do something to get me a job”, or “It’s not just me, everybody is looking for work!” Really? Seriously? At what point, (if any) do you take the bulk of the responsibility for your own situation and with this new-found personal accountability say, “I am responsible for myself and my future will be what I make of it.”?

Here’s some things to realize: If your resume isn’t generating many interviews, it isn’t good enough in its current state no matter who put it together. If you aren’t making a unique resume for each job you apply to – even in the same line of work – you need to. If you aren’t writing a cover letter for the jobs you are applying to, start. If you aren’t researching employers before you apply for jobs, you need to. If you think no one is hiring, you’re wrong because they are. If you can’t figure out what your unemployment barriers are, get a professional to help you determine this and yes take what they say personally – very personally.

As for computer literacy, if you can’t make, revise, save and send your own resume to an employer without help, take a basic computer class and learn. Whatever you find hard as part of a job search is probably exactly what you should be doing and stop putting off. Hate talking on the phone to people? Pick up the phone and make some cold calls and try to set up some meetings. Ask for interviews.

Have a good time tonight because it’s New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is January 1st, 2015. If you want change to occur in 2015 it MUST START WITH YOU. Light a fire inside and get serious about rebuilding your future. Not for the last time, I ask you, …………………………………

“How bad do you want it?”

One thought on “This Is The Final Day

  1. Reblogged this on NorthernMSW: Advocacy, Aging, Healthcare & Social Work Issues….. and commented:
    “Tomorrow is January 1st, 2015. If you want change to occur in 2015 it MUST START WITH YOU. Light a fire inside and get serious about rebuilding your future. Not for the last time, I ask you, …………………………………

    “How bad do you want it?”

    A very motivating post Kelly! Happy New Year to all; may the new year bring you what you want and what you have worked for. May the new year bring you health, peace, and happiness!


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