Unemployed. Help Me With My LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a fantastic and arguably the best social media tool for professional networking. It connects people who work in similar industries so they can share best practices; the discussion groups are beneficial for exchanging ideas and mentoring one another.

Employers use LinkedIn to check out profiles of job candidates and what other people are saying about them even before they decide to pick up the phone and offer someone an interview. Most of us know this and those who don’t are at a huge disadvantage.

In the last two days I’ve been approached by two unemployed people. One said to me, “I get how to market myself when I have a job but what should I say when I’m unemployed?” The other person said to me, “My College teacher told us all we had to have a LinkedIn profile and he had one. So I made one but the thing is I don’t know what to do with it now and it’s been a year and I’ve not done anything to it. What’s the point of it anyhow?”

So here it is ladies and gentlemen, colleagues of mine. An opportunity for YOU to demonstrate just how effective LinkedIn is. Fancy yourself pretty savvy with your profile? Getting all kinds of action and attention? Having people actually contact you to offer you employment or at least want to talk with you about a job opportunity you might be interested in? Or maybe you see yourself as a Job Assistance Expert who counsels people frequently in how to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

I am asking YOU to comment in this blog/discussion thread (either one or both). How does an unemployed person best tell their connections and anyone browsing their profile that they are out of work but looking seriously for a job and at the same time come across as qualified and attractive to an employer?

This is a bit of a challenge and what I mean by this is that your thoughts and comments are going to reveal your insights, your expertise, your experiences and your knowledge. It will be clear to everyone who reads the comments and the additions who is contributing and who isn’t. So this is your chance to stand and be counted. If you interpret my meaning incorrectly, you’ll think I’m coming at this from a different angle than I intend. How I hope it comes across is a way to showcase your intelligence when it comes to fully using this social media. You may not consider yourself an expert at all, but you have a personal branding that attracted attention. You might have ways of driving traffic to your profile that has resulted in job offers and employment offers.

I implore you to share just exactly what you would suggest content-wise that would initially draw attention and then interest someone to actually keep reading your profile. Can I be allowed to use one tip of my own that has worked for me? That seems fair. I have found that I am but one of an untold number who are Employment Counsellors. While that’s my job title officially at work, LinkedIn is a social media platform I choose to use as an individual. My title therefore on LinkedIn is that of Enthusiastic and Empowering Employment Counsellor. If you wanted the help of such a person, would you contact an Employment Counsellor or an Enthusiastic and Empowering Employment Counsellor? Me too.

Okay for so the unemployed out there, should their title be, “Looking for work as a ….” or, “Job Title (substitute yours) unemployed?” What should a summary section entail for those looking and how often should they update it? How does one get a job using LinkedIn?

Hmmm….How Does One Get A Job Using LinkedIn? “Hey wait a second”, I hear you thinking…”if he’s such an Enthusiastic and Empowering Employment Counsellor himself, shouldn’t he know?” I’ve got my thoughts, and I’m confident in my approach. However, I’ve always learned no one person has all the answers – least of all me! And isn’t LinkedIn all about helping each other, not just taking from each other? Aren’t all these discussion groups designed to mentor, share, inspire, assist, aid, help, enlighten, motivate and demonstrate through action how effective we can be through networking and communicating?

And a special challenge, (okay if you don’t like challenge take it as a suggestion) if you are the leader of a discussion group, pass this on to your group members asking them to reply with their thoughts. This has the potential people to be one of the biggest and most valuable discussion topics on LinkedIn. If it is, it’s not a credit to me but to you the contributors. if it’s not, so be it.

What do you have to say? I’m counting on all of you my valued and trusted LinkedIn connections!



3 thoughts on “Unemployed. Help Me With My LinkedIn Profile?

  1. I don’t know if this is much help, but I have worked primarily in customer service in call centers. Although, I am no expert, I have developed some great customer service skills. I use this as a title. Unemployed people can use whatever job related skills they are good at.

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  2. Reblogged this on NorthernMSW: Advocacy, Aging, Healthcare & Social Work Issues….. and commented:
    Kelly, I am re-blogging this as a way to obtain additional readership and see what comments might come in….

    I have seen various titles from ‘seeking a new challenge’ to ‘seeking employment’ and’ looking for a new challenge’ on LinkedIn.

    In today’s world it is common that one is hired on contract or for a limited time, so seeking a new challenge or job makes sense.

    Many people also have various jobs that are on contract or time limited or may work part-time. Some people switch work fields, just want to do something different or are in semi-retirement.

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  3. I recommend that a job seeker do something while looking for a job that they can put on their resume or Linkedin profile. Even a short volunteer, temp, or part time job in some way related to what they want to do will show they are working and have a direction. The header on the Linkedin in profile should say something about their strengths, skills, or what they do. It is their ad not their job. They can state in their summary what kind of opportunities they are looking for. They should connect with others rather than waiting for others to find them. Writing recommendations, comments, and short articles can be helpful as well as joining groups. This get more difficult the longer the person is unemployed especially if they are inactive, but there is always something they can do while not relying on Linkedin, it can be a very helpful tool, especially for writing a fired up profile that grabs attention. That profile can be the basis for introductions, resume, and cover letter. Thanks for the question.


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