I’ve Become The Annoying Guy

In the last two days, three on-line colleagues have emailed me and advised me that they received 35, 50 and 150 emails from me all identical to each other. Apparently the blog I write daily and send to my 12 LinkedIn discussion groups and LinkedIn connections is morphing into multiples. Unknowingly, I’ve become an annoying nuisance to these people and they’ve asked me to stop it.

Ouch. Now if I was spamming folks on purpose I’d say mission accomplished. But I’m not. I need help with this and so instead of writing my usual dissertation and advice column centered on a job advice theme, I’m reaching out for help and suggestions.

So first of all, could you send me an email and let me know if you get multiple emails re. the same discussion please? I suppose if you are a connection of mine you are going to get one email for that and if you are in a discussion group along with me, you’d get another one. But 30+? Something is amiss.

As I think about it, this does really relate to employment and job advice in general because these are my professional contacts I’m affecting and I certainly value them and want to resolve this issue. So yes perhaps we could all learn from my experience and the solutions that others might offer.

As I see it, there could be an issue with my wordpress blog settings, LinkedIn and how it disperses these or possibly with my internet provider. Last evening I looked into the blog communication settings and the FAQ section but found no easily identifiable solution there.

I also considered that to my knowledge, I’d changed nothing in how I go about communicating my blog, added no new groups of late and so that suggested no solutions either. Hmmm…perplexed.

So somehow to my great disappointment, I have become the annoying guy to some people who is sending out a large volume of repetitive emails to some people, and even now that I’m being informed about it, I’ve no idea how to stop it. And that is most unfortunate.

With over 1300 connections on LinkedIn, and with membership in 12 discussion groups comprised of hundreds or thousands in some cases, I wonder if the three people who emailed me about this situation are the only ones affected or if they are just the 3 who are sharing their experience with me. I’ve even checked with family members and colleagues at my workplace to see if they’ve had the same experience and they report no problems.

So I’m going to leave things at this: email me if you’re getting too many emails on the same topic. Email me too if you’ve got an idea what the problem is and more importantly with possible solutions.

VERY MUCH appreciated!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Become The Annoying Guy

  1. I thought it was me! Yes, I have also been receiving multiple copies of the same article. They are being forwarded via juju, jobfinder etc which are not among my discussion groups, but do email me with jobs…maybe that’s the link?


  2. I commend you for addressing this issue.
    Thank you also for bringing this to our attention for another reason. So often we reply on technology to simplify our jobs. However, we need to remember that human touch and that sometime programs we think are helping, can actually be sending our candidates the wrong impression.


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