Repairing A Reputation

How important a factor do you think your reputation is when it comes to things like keeping your job, advancing in the company, being invited to exclusive get-togethers etc.? This article is about me and my reputation by way of example, as I’m starting now with this post to remedy damage done and restore my good name.

The odd thing is that in most cases, reputations are built or damaged, made or destroyed by intentional actions people take; where people gamble in total awareness that their actions may alienate some people or attract others. We are all so different and see things so differently as a consequence, that everything we do almost always creates a varied response. If you are trying to go for the positive, you generally take positions and actions which will be generally accepted and approved.

So let me first apologize sincerely to my LinkedIn connections; the people I value immensely from whom I learn and share with daily. The last thing I would want is to intentionally annoy you to the point where you would sever our connection, especially when my expressed goal is to broaden my intellect and understanding of issues through thoughtful dialogue.

How did I jeopardize my ongoing relationships with the on-line world? Even now I’m not sure of the technology involved. In short however, my posts which originate on a WordPress platform, were being received multiple times by my valued connections arriving in their inboxes in quantities of 35, 50, 150, 200 etc. I even blogged about that one day in a post entitled, “I’ve become the annoying guy.” And I had. Ironically, that post was a call for help, ideas, suggestions and aid and itself turned into a different call; a call from some to LinkedIn to do something. LinkedIn turned and restricted my account temporarily until I promised to adhere to their guidelines.

Can you see the problem I was facing? Adhere to the guidelines or get kicked out and banned for life. Oh oh. But the issue was simple for me – I hadn’t knowingly done anything out of the ordinary, so how could I fix it? With my LinkedIn community inaccessible, and my home anti-virus program saying there’s no internal issue at my end, what is the solution to a problem I didn’t intentionally create? Ah if only it had been a settings change I’d made then I could reverse it and all would be right with the universe again. No such joy.

Salvaging my reputation is important to me and yours should be equally important to you. After all, if you’re up for the big promotion and the HR department brings up the issue of your intoxication at the Christmas party where you propositioned the firms leading account, you might be dead in the water. How are you going to feel when the junior you trained by-passes you on the journey to the top and is now your Supervisor? Such behaviour might not only cost you the promotion, but you could be demoted, or ousted entirely as a condition of the account staying with the firm.

Well let me tell you in the interest of sharing what I’ve learned lest it happen to you how the guru’s at LinkedIn suggest I resolved my plight. Their answer is to move to my settings in LinkedIn and under the applications tab, locate the WordPress application and delete it. Apparently having it there can create multiple emails. Oddly, I’ve had this set up since February of 2012 when I started my daily blog. So it’s a head scratcher as to why in January of 2015 it acted up.

So now it will require a post on the blog itself and then a copy and paste into the various discussion groups I want to receive the post. So instead of one click to go to 12 groups, it’s 12 copy and pastes, and 12 clicks. Odd that in these days of technology and doing things faster and better that this option is more labour-intensive. I’m open by the way to hearing other people’s suggestions – oh and yours of course; yes you, the one reading this now.

Reputations take a long time to build and a very short time to ruin or damage. I feel somewhat like a guy whose wife or girlfriend is mad him for something and he’s genuinely oblivious to what he did to annoy her so. “What did I do? Just tell me and I’ll try to make it right.” Yeah I’ve been there too, but luckily not very often. Oh I make mistakes there too, I just usually know what I’ve done and how to resolve it.

So if I annoyed you personally, I regret that. I think my issue is resolved and I’ve got to say I’ll only feel better when I post this and no one screams at me with exclamation marks to fix my problem and stop sending emails in multiple forms.

Interesting to me was the great silence from the internet. How does one go about realizing just what an amazing group of people they’ve connected to via LinkedIn? Simple really, find yourself cut-off and all your communications shut down. Sometimes you just don’t realize how vital connections are until you find yourself at the party and only see the backs of all your fellow party-goers. You try to get their attention and find yourself in a sound proof box with one-way glass.

Sorry again folks.


2 thoughts on “Repairing A Reputation

  1. Fortunately, in this sound byte world, memories are short. Just keep being you and posting great stuff (I love your blog), and this will all be a distant cringe-worthy moment in no time. Most of us are no strangers to technical difficulties. 😉


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