How I Made Monday A Day To Look Forward To

Are you one of those people who dread Mondays? You’re swinging in the hammock Sunday afternoon watching the cloud formations above you, or cheering on your daughter at her softball game when suddenly out of nowhere you start thinking about going to work Monday morning. Suddenly it’s just not as enjoyable swinging or cheering anymore. That’s a shame.

Well I think I’ve hit on the answer to making your Monday’s something to look forward to from now on. It might cost you calories, it might disrupt your strict dieting and health restrictions, but it will put a smile on your face as you drive in to work. Like some of the best things in life, this secret came to me quite unexpectedly and by accident.

No this isn’t one of those blogs where you have to buy something and I profit, or the answer is in the final paragraph after you’ve been lulled to sleep. Nope. Here goes: The answer is apparently on Friday afternoon three days earlier, stash a butter tart in your cupboard above your desk. Yep, it’s been sitting there in the dark just waiting for me this morning – and yes it was still good, and yes I ate it. It isn’t even 8:00 a.m. yet local time.

You see it all started innocently enough. I’d bought 3 tarts heading home last Thursday because we were having a friend over for dinner. Turns out none of us were in the mood for a tart that night and so I brought them into work the following morning – last Friday. I’d had such great intentions you know. Really I did. I looked down at the 3 butter tarts and thought I’d give all three away to some of the participants in my final day of the workshop I was leading.

Well, I was kind of good. I walked in with two of them in the end and asking folks to pick a number between 0-11, I awarded both in the end to one person with the only stipulation that she must give one to someone else in the group. The 3rd one? I thought I’d have it with my lunch. Turns out though, I completely forgot it.

So there I was on Friday night driving back home. As I passed the bakery in this little town where I’d bought them, it suddenly hit me that one of them was sitting on a plate in my cupboard above my desk. As the weekend went on, I forgot all about it again; forgot about it until yet again I passed the same bakery on the way to work.

Suddenly I smiled – I actually smiled even though there was no one around to see it. There was a physical change and I was optimistically looking forward to eating that buttery tart. All that sugary goo and raisins sitting delicately perched within a flaky tart shell. And although this sounds like a cheesy video, the sun was shining, today is the first full day of summer, and because I had left 10 minutes earlier than normal, I was committed to do exactly the speed limit all the way in. Hundreds of cars could pass me today, I didn’t care.

Arriving at the office, I turned on the computer, left my voicemail for the day, and got to work. Then I looked at the cupboard 14″ from my face and it was like I could hear the angels singing a multitude of praises in harmony as I opened the cupboard door and there it sat in all it’s glory. Hallelujah! And not a speck of mold or dust, (not that these things actually deter me much I confess. I mean how bad could it be after just three days?)

So with no one at all in the office, I just sat there and consumed it s-l-o-w-l-y. It wasn’t big and I wanted to savour every drop of morning sunshine it contained. It was like a warm lingering kiss – you’d want to consciously be aware of it while it is happening so that later on it’s a memory you can recall in all its sensuality. Uh….sorry….some of you might still be eating breakfast and getting nauseous.

Now alas, it is gone. The mindset I have though lingers on and I’m still sitting here with a smirk and surely someone walking in now might wonder what I’ve been up to. Ah if only every Monday morning started this way.

Wait a second stop the presses! I might be on to something here. What if we started a movement? Why people ’round the world what if we all went in to our local bakery’s  Thursday nights and got ourselves some butter tarts, or on Friday’s as we went in to work? Why what if we all left those golden tarts of passion in our overhead cupboards or desk drawers? Why we’d start a butter tart revolution! We’d all start our Monday mornings with a dose of sugar, walk around with smiles on all our faces, and we’d all drive into work with heightened anticipation of those few quite moments of sublime sweetness awaiting us! Say it with me brothers and sisters – praise Monday mornings!

On the other hand, had I just given the 3rd tart away to another participant like I’d originally intended, this article could have been about putting others needs ahead of my own selfish desires and wants. But that’s been talked about before!

Enjoy your day.



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