False Starts, Decisions And Destiny

Remember back when you looked at the calendar and promised yourself, (and maybe others) that come September you’d start looking for a job seriously? Well its August 26th today and my question therefore is how much are the promises you make worth?

Maybe your rationale was that your children would be back in school come September and you’d have this big block of free time during the day to seriously look for work. Maybe you just thought that spending your summer doing your own thing was a priority. Is it possible however that you really just didn’t want to look for work and saying you’d start in September delayed the inevitable and now here you are no more motivated to look for work than you were before but September is looming?

Look, it’s time to stop making promises with your fingers crossed behind your back. The only person you’re fooling is yourself. The longer you wait and procrastinate on the decision to get serious and look for a job the harder it will be to get going. Stop being naïve. If you really aren’t motivated to even look for a job, how on earth do you think you’re going to hold down a job – ANY job? Jobs come with responsibilities and you’ll be depended upon to be at work on time day in and day out. Self-discipline my reader.

Now the good thing about being human is we have this wonderful power called decision-making. We make decisions every day and those decisions can either benefit us or cause us to wish we had made an alternative choice. Looking for a job or putting it off is one such decision and there are consequences either way. You could end up with work and the income, rise in self-esteem, sense of purpose it brings. Or you could end up looking at the clock before you go to bed and saying, “Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.”

While every single day is a fresh start, a chance to make something happen that we didn’t the day before, if you rack up too many days of inactivity and put off too many days without taking any action, it becomes increasingly difficult to change your routine with any real momentum which you’ll need to succeed. Most of us would agree that an unemployed person who hasn’t been seriously looking for work for some time is likely to go through what is referred to as false starts, despite their intent to now look hard for a job.

So what’s a false start? A false start is when someone makes early attempts to break a pattern of experienced behaviour. The person might say they are ready to start looking for work, but because that in itself is work, the person is highly likely to start with good intentions, then stop just as quick when it gets tough. So even making a resume might be so frustrating they start and pack it in after an hour. Then they start again and do a bit more than they did before but then quit a second time.

This, ‘start-stop-start again stop- start again” process is full of false starts. Each attempt however is an indication that the real authentic start is getting closer. Think of it like trying to start a motorcycle where it takes a few tries, or how likely it would be to start a car that’s been under wraps for a couple of years. Not likely it just purrs to live on the first turn of the key.

If you really want to make a change and get a job, it cannot happen unless you yourself want it bad enough that the wanting of the job is more than the desire to give up. So if you’d really rather be at home on the couch, playing with your young kids, a video game or doing nothing in particular, you’re chances of just switching on the, “Get a job” mentality are pretty low because you don’t want it bad enough. It just isn’t the priority for you that it is for other people.

Yesterday a 21 year-old woman came in all excited and told me she just got a job with a fast-food chain. Impressive? Perhaps not, until you stop and think about where she’s been, what her history was before getting that job. Someone overhearing her excitement told me when she left that he was mad just listening to her get so excited over a minimum wage job in fast-food. I suspected he was jealous of her innocence in being excited where he felt jaded, jealous of her employment but more than anything jealous of her optimism. She was on her way to work and eventual financial independence and he was sitting just watching it happen to someone other than himself.

So you have the gift of today to do something different from yesterday again. How fortunate for you! At the end of today, will you have done something that tomorrow you’ll be thankful you did, or will you start tomorrow kicking yourself for having wasted this day? You choose. Your destiny (sounds dramatic doesn’t it) is in no one’s hands other than your own – and every sports or super hero always dreams of having the turning point in their hands so they can change the outcome. Seize the day – TODAY – as your chance to get going.


One thought on “False Starts, Decisions And Destiny

  1. I am glad the woman got a job . Good for her. Even in fast food it’s not easy to get a job. Employers have lot of people to pick and choose from. When you are unemployed you have to set your expectations a lot lower than you would otherwise and take any job you qualify for and can do physically. A lot of people accept that and are glad to have any employment at all. Some people, like that guy, don’t accept this and get angry that this the way things are.


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