Musing On The Superstars

Ever wonder what it must be like for the athletes who get to play beside the really elite players? Whether its baseball, cricket, hockey, football, soccer, basketball or any other sport you can name, it must be quite a thrill to line up with some famous player and play a game you have a mutual love for. I also wonder if those same people live entirely consciously in the moments, or do they only truly realize how privileged they are after their careers are over, they get traded or moved to another position etc.

Just imagine having the chance to line up with Renaldo in soccer, Richard or Gretzky in hockey, Jordan in basketball, Ruth in baseball. Sure you might see the human side outside the spotlight where the player struggled from time-to-time, but what a thrill it would be to participate in their greatness. What a joy it must have been to watch up close those people ply their trade, train hard and use their natural skills on a daily basis.

Yes it certainly would make coming to work every day exciting to work alongside such a superstar! But wait a moment; superstars don’t only exist in the world of sports do they? What would it have been like to play with and be among the Beatles in the music industry? Or what if you were cast regularly to work in movies with Marlon Brando, Greta Garbo or Harrison Ford?

No matter the industry, there are the average, the good, the great and those who are superstars at what they do. I suppose that means there’s every possibility that you’ve got someone in your workplace who could be that superstar. Maybe you’re the lucky person that gets to work with them? Ah what that must feel like to come to work every day and take up your place next to their cubicle; just like you were lining up on the field with them! Yes sir, what a thrill!

Hey wait a minute; why be content to just take your place alongside a superstar? The really great ones; the ones who excel and don’t accept just being good as the best they can be; the ones who demand more of themselves each day and put in hours of training to become and stay great – why can’t you and I be one of those very people? Why can’t we be the superstar of the office, the best of the best on the factory floor; the closer they send in when the chips are down and the deadline is looming? The answer of course is that we can if we want it bad enough.

Whenever I hear the story of some truly outstanding athlete, I note that they usually come from pretty humble beginnings. They work hard, often being the first one to practice and the last to leave the ice or field – on a regular basis. While their teammates are out socializing or sleeping, their hitting the playing surface working on getting faster, more accurate, shooting harder, catching better, studying playbooks and doing their homework scouting the opposition.

When you punch out from work at the end of your shift, what do you do? Could you do more? Are you motivated to be the very best you can be, whether that best makes you a superstar or just a very good worker? Not all of us want to put in the effort that is required to be a superstar. Those long hours in solitude researching and learning, reading manuals, periodicals, and articles, networking with others, staying on the cutting edge of our chosen fields; no not all of us are that committed to greatness. That’s okay by the way; there’s nothing wrong with being good if not great, at your job.

Now while it’s true that if you put in the effort required you could certainly elevate your performance and be considered one of the very best in your organization, don’t expect to sign lucrative contract offers in the millions, or have your every move captured by your own play-by-play announcer. “Julie’s up from her chair and rounding the water cooler with the report in hand and drops in smack dab in the inbox on her bosses’ desk! Oh what a decisive move that was! Where does this kid get her energy? You just don’t see that kind of tenacity often enough these days!”

Seriously though, could you – or rather would you – want to be recognized as one of the very best at what you do? If the answer is yes, then what’s stopping you isn’t likely anything more than your own determination and motivation. I believe that if you really want to be considered a superstar at what you do it requires more effort on your part than those around you.

Many people learn enough to do the job and then their desire to do more peaks and stops. These aren’t bad people, nor are should they be scolded for not doing more; their doing their job. Is that good enough for you? Are you content to do your job, be remembered as an average worker who put in their time and did their job but didn’t really do anything memorable or outstanding?

If you choose otherwise, you might be the person people see as the Superstar. Put in the extra effort to be better and it could happen. Why not you?


One thought on “Musing On The Superstars

  1. This is a very interesting article. In article after article that I have read and also in job openings, it says that in order to hired you have to show the employer you are willing to do what it takes to become a superstar. You also have to show the employer that you will put the needs of the company before your own needs. The predominant message out there is “Superstars only need a apply”.


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