Dear Recruiters, Interviewers And Those That Hire

If you are one of the people who advertise for help, decides who makes the short-list to interview and ultimately hires people based on their interview performance, this post is primarily for you.

Let me first share my Employment Counsellor title; so you know the perspective from which I write. I’m not a job seeker, but would really like to have your take and feedback after reading this blog for the benefit of those readers who are searching for employment.

It must be challenging for you as you go about your job these days; what with all the professionals providing job seekers with resume assistance and interview coaching. I can imagine that as you receive so many applications whenever there is a job posting, you must be quite overwhelmed trying to narrow things down, looking in the end to hire that one best candidate. I suppose in the end you hope to decide amongst several excellent candidates; for this way no matter who you choose, you’re getting a strong employee.

What would you like people who are applying for jobs to know about the application process to make your job easier and their chances of being selected better? Do you have any advice from your side of the table during an interview that in your position either enhances or detracts from a person’s chances of getting hired?

As the writer of a blog focusing on providing helpful advice for those looking for work – or looking to keep the work they have – most of my writing is addressed to and focuses on the employee and the applicant. You can see however that here I am opening up a discussion (and I do hope you take the time to express some of your own thoughts however brief or lengthy) to get your perspective first-hand. Even if you don’t identify the company you are employed with, it would be most helpful to job seekers and you of course, to chip in with your thoughts.

Now were I in your role, I’m sure I’d wish people who were best qualified to answer my job postings. It takes time and money after all to go through the process of hiring someone in an organization. There’s the job posting itself – which before it even goes up has to be reviewed to be up-to-date. There are conversations with the actual Supervisor of the potential person to determine their needs. Then the gap of time between the posting and the closing where applications come in and from those that do you must rank them in order to end up with your list of potential interview candidates. How many applications would you receive by the way?

Once that short list is made of people to approach, you have to contact these people and set up interviews; all the time knowing there is still a vacancy and your organization isn’t as productive as it should be without someone doing the work you are looking to have done. How many of the people you do connect with and offer an interview to actually take you up on it? I mean, do you have people who decline an interview because they’ve accepted jobs elsewhere, changed their mind or just don’t respond to messages you’ve left? I wonder too how many times you find yourself impressed with someone and want to interview them based on what you found on paper, but then when you call them, you either can’t leave a message because there is no space to do so, or you find the number not in service.

It must be frustrating at that point, wondering if you have the time to call back a second or third time to offer someone an interview that came across on their resume as an excellent possibility. Do you? I mean do you call back two or three times or do you just move on for the sake of time to another person?

I bet you’ve seen all kinds of behaviour when it comes to interviews too. What for you are the keys to a successful interview that would lead you to extend a job offer? Oh and conversely, what are the behaviours or comments that in your view cause a person to remove themselves from the hiring process? Remember please that you’re the expert my readers would love to benefit from hearing from first-hand. I know that your time and job requirements would be best spent interviewing strong candidates. I’d like to think that reading the thoughts of Recruiters, Interviewers, Human Resources personnel and Hiring Managers would be mutually beneficial for you and for them.

In our times, do you feel overwhelmed with job applications and therefore appreciate and use applicant tracking software or do you have a preference for scanning all those resumes personally? What kind of layout do you prefer? What makes a terrific resume or cover letter – and speaking of cover letters, do you read them? What if you do, are you looking for in a good cover letter?

Beyond these questions, feel free to pass on your thoughts, advice, suggestions and ideas as they pertain to the job application process. Job applicants would love to hear how to improve their chances of getting hired, and you of course would love, I’m sure, to get better quality applications from which to choose.

Thanks for your anticipated input and comments. The floor is yours.



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