Waiting On THE CALL After The Interview

Congratulations on the interview you recently had. Glad to hear that you’re feeling pretty good about how it went and like you, I’m hopeful that the company was impressed enough to offer you a position. It’s likely that you’re going to have a few days – possibly a week or more before they get back to you with a decision. So, what now?

Well it rather depends doesn’t it? I mean you might just need or want some time following up on that interview to unwind and relax depending on how much was at stake and how much pressure you felt immediately after it was over. As we are all different, it could be an hour or two maybe right up to the entire next day. Hopefully not more time, but again, we are all different.

I suppose the only mistake you could actually make would be to do absolutely nothing job search related whatsoever; essentially putting all your eggs in one basket. That my readers, is a mistake.

I get the argument people make for defending this very course of non-action. They’ll say things like, “Well if they call me and I get the job, then I will have wasted my time applying for other ones and I’m pretty sure I’ve got it.” While I applaud your confidence in your interview performance and your optimism is commendable, you’re not taking full advantage of the advantage that you have at the moment. “Advantage? What advantage?” You ask?

Simple really, you’ve got time on your hands and you are the master of that time to spend as you see fit. Some of the people you are competing with may have jobs already and won’t have the luxury of so much time to devote to their job search. If you choose to do nothing and stop applying for jobs similar to the one you and they are competing for at the present, you give away the advantage you have to invest in researching other ones. On their behalf, a big thank you for making it easier for them.

Quite frankly, until you’ve been offered the job, you really haven’t changed your status. You may have built up some confidence in yourself and with every interview you have you improve on your skills, but you’re still a job searcher first and foremost. Keep the momentum rolling….

Now I’ll admit that after I’ve had a particularly good interview, I’m feeling a burst of optimism and happiness. I make sure to reward myself by allowing those good feelings to wash over me and linger there awhile. I walk with a smile on my face, a spring in my step and sing those happy upbeat songs in the car that I’ve brought along to bolster a positive frame of mind.

You can make excellent use of your time following that interview in a few ways. First and foremost, right after the interview you’ll likely still be experiencing some after effects; good hopefully, bad possibly. Give yourself 10 minutes to breathe, relax, and then pause to go over a few things. Got a phone with you where you can make a recording via an app? Record any question that caught you off guard so it doesn’t occur a second time. Nailed an answer? Record something you said so you can recall that and use it again and again. You might record anything including information you were given, something you want to look up and research, the name of a contact they provided.

This is also a good time to compose that thank you note while things are fresh in your head. “Thanks for meeting with me earlier today. Excited about joining your team and learning about your short and long-term plans. Looking forward to our next conversation.” Pop in a mailbox, (old school) or head on back and leave it at Reception. Other candidates might already be at home and firing up the ol’ Xbox and you’ve taken a big step in standing out; getting ahead.

Okay but now the advice you need to hear. Move on. There are other jobs you need to apply to and you’re going to miss them if you aren’t back at it. These jobs are the ones that will like I said, keep the momentum going and continue to nurture your discipline and good habits. You had an interview and that is truly great news but you won’t have more interviews if you stop now.

Back to the job search, back to the resume to modify it, back to the cover letter to compose it and back to hitting that, ‘apply’ button on the online application. You need but two things to get a job (and I overly simplify here tremendously); quality and quantity. While some do get hired on the first job they apply to, most of us need to put out quality applications to several if not many employers in order to get interviews that lead to job offers. With every interview, our skills increase as does our confidence in how we market ourselves.

As I write this, a big shout out to someone I’m working with who is in transit to her 2nd job interview of the week. Couldn’t be happier that the interviews are coming and the hard work is paying dividends. It’s nice when good things happen to good people.

Pace yourself for sure when job searching, but don’t let the momentum slide…






One thought on “Waiting On THE CALL After The Interview

  1. Excellent and timely article Kelly. While I may not agree with many of your posts, this one has universal appeal and is timeless no matter the generation of job seeker. Thank-you for posting!


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