Right Now

When are you finally going to get around to it? You know; that THING you’ve put off. It’s not that you’re a bad person, weak of mind or have poor intentions. It’s just that, well, you’ve been procrastinating so long at getting started I’m starting to wonder if you’ll still be hoping to get going soon years from now. So yeah, I suppose the question is when will there ever be a better time than right now?

You’ve been waiting for that perfect moment haven’t you? I mean, something always seems to be in your way or more important at the moment. I admit some of those things have been pretty significant and just had to have your full attention. But if we’re to be honest here; if you’re to be honest I should say, there have been moments when you actually looked around trying to find some reason not to get started until you found one. Sorry but it’s true and you know it my friend. Unless things change, you’re likely to repeat this pattern of behaviour too; looking to find some reason the moment isn’t right to get going on what really needs your attention and energy.

Are you afraid? If you are fearful, what is it that your afraid of and more importantly, do you want to go on living in that fear? You might be afraid the answer to that important question will be no. “No” as is we won’t hire you, I don’t want to marry you, I’m just not interested in you, no you’re not qualified. There are other kinds of rejections of course; but you know what you’re afraid of so no need for me to offer further examples until I hit it. It’s right there in your mind in all too real precise focus; that thing you’ve put off doing.

Consider a couple of things: 1) Just because you put off doing it doesn’t make the thought go away. In fact, it’s ever-present in your day-to-day thoughts 2) An answer one way or the other is necessary before you can move on…it’s like you’re at some crossroads and going straight isn’t an option. With only a left or right turn, you’re holding up moving forward with your life; and making no decision until you knew for sure which was the correct choice with a guarantee has always seemed best. Until now.

Look while you sit in neutral and put off that decision, your life is still moving forward. Time is passing, and with it things change around you. If we’re talking a job, your skills are getting out of date, references you had are weakening in value, and more people are graduating to compete with you. If it’s a relationship you’d like to have, you might be content to wait but maybe they aren’t. Maybe someone else will beat you to it and the object of your desire will never know how you really felt because you never got around to telling them.

Right now is the right time. Not tomorrow, not in a few days, not when just one or two more things fall into place. Things may not be just perfect, but believe me the perfect time is right now. What’s more my friend, you know it too. If you continue to wait any longer from this moment right now, well, you’re no longer procrastinating, you’re making a decision. The decision you’re making is to reject what you want – what you’ve wanted so long, and you remove any possibility that the answer might have been a yes.

Is this what you want? Okay just for a moment, worse scenario time. You do what needs doing and you get rejected by him or her, the school you wanted entry into denied you or the organization you applied to didn’t hire you. The mortgage you applied for was approved but interest rates rise a day after you signed up for that variable mortgage. Life as they say however goes on. Instead of picturing how life will be in this worse case scenario, what about picturing what will happen if you… get a yes from him or her, the school accepts your admission, you get hired and/or the interest rates continue to level out or even drop. Euphoria!

Isn’t what you could win worth the effort involved in finding out? You don’t really want to go on wondering eternally, “What if I’d only….” Ah, but you’re present course of behaviour and inaction is setting you up exactly for this scenario. This is what you might want to really be afraid of; not rejection but not ever having done what you needed to do to find out.

If you’re looking for me to suggest you talk to somebody about it I’m not going there this time around. Nope; the time for talking is done. That’s the one thing you’re particularly good at and you’ve done it far too long. Talk isn’t what you need right now; what you need is action. Oh am I telling you something you don’t already know yourself? No. You know it better than anybody.

Get going. Do it! This is YOUR day; THE day! No more planning, no more watching the stars to see if they’re aligned. No more procrastination, waiting, wondering, hoping, fantasizing and dreaming. The time for decision-making is here.

Get it done.




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