Be Beautiful

Physically beautiful is nice; inner beauty is always better. It takes some people years to accept and believe this, while others get it right from the start. Let’s not start with the assumption that the all the physically beautiful people of the world have a flawed inner self; that’s an erroneous assumption and gets us off on the wrong point. Inner beauty is something we have full control over and this is where it differs dramatically from natural outer beauty.

I write as you may know with a purpose of helping people find and keep employment. So you may or may not immediately get what writing about being beautiful has to do with finding a job or getting ahead.

Inner beauty is all about being nice; attracting to you the good in others by shining brightly with your own good attitude and good works. You know these people of whom I speak. No doubt you have some in your workplace; you may well be one yourself and if you are, I applaud you.

The folks with inner beauty are the ones who always lend you help when you need it if it is in their power to do so. They say hello when they see you and ask how you are and most importantly you feel they really mean it. They smile and laugh easily and while this doesn’t mean they don’t have their ‘days’, they don’t have many of them and they certainly don’t seek misery and sympathy. They just get on with what they have to do the best they can.

Those who shine their inner beauty are good folks to have around. They lift you up, make you feel better just by having them around. They can be at any level in an organization too. Yes, right from the CEO at the top, they can be in the mailroom, the service desk, hold the keys to the office supplies, sit at reception or if you’re lucky, share an office with you or if you’re extremely lucky they could be your boss.

Inner beauty is something you can cultivate and nurture or you can shut it down and refuse adamantly to bring out. Be careful I warn you because you’ll recall how I’ve said many times in the past that once people have their view of you it’s tough to change how you are perceived. It’s not impossible of course, but well, you know about first impressions right?

Radiating goodness is what inner beauty is all about. A sincere willingness to help others and looking for opportunities to do just that is how inner beauty manifests itself. “Let me help you with that”, “Really it’s no problem; it’s my pleasure” and “You’re good at what you do” are the kind of comments you’ll hear them say and others like them. They are helpful, they do delight in being of assistance and they pass out compliments to others often but always with sincerity.

They look for the good in others too. In fact the one thing that might annoy them most is when they interact with other people who are not just indifferent but who are actually negative, mean or mean-spirited. Those with inner beauty will many times even in these situations kindly point out to the person concerned that they could be more pleasant – and they’ll do it in a way that isn’t a condemnation or value judgement. They just do it naturally.

Now think about where you work and see if you aren’t thinking of someone or some people who fit this description.  If you’re out of work, think of places you’ve worked in the past or somewhere you volunteer your time. Think of people you know in your personal life, maybe a good friend or family member. These kind of good people aren’t rare (thankfully) and they may be all around you.

Two things I offer by way of suggestion; for one, thank them. Thank them while you have a chance because showing your appreciation encourages them to continue to be the beautiful people they are. It costs you nothing to do so too. They probably would love a card or flowers but a word of genuine thanks is what they’d most like. Secondly, I’d suggest you do more to bring out your own inner beauty.

Guys can be beautiful too you know. Why not? The beautiful is not reserved for the women of this world. “He was just a beautiful guy” is a statement I’ve read again and again when a man passes away who others admired. Why not share your admiration with the living while they are in your presence? Even better however is why not choose to be a beautiful person now – now – while you have the power to decide and be whomever you want?

Go about your day with some positivity; encourage others, do good work, work with integrity and be on the lookout for others doing things you can applaud. Imagine if you did so and soon their were two or three others doing the same. Then it caught on and the  atmosphere in your workplace changed for the better; the ‘like attracts like’ syndrome starting happening. Your workplace culture would shift, the work environment would improve and a happier place would emerge to work. The cost? Nothing but a little effort. What’s the cost of suppressing inner beauty?



Only The Beautiful Need Apply

Recently my wife and I had the opportunity to shop in a large retail store in here in Canada; once owned by Canadians but now in the hands of foreign ownership. It’s the kind of store where there are several floors of merchandise, from men’s and ladies wear to sporting goods and home furnishings.

Upon walking in the doors on the street level, we found ourselves having to travel through the department selling fragrances, perfumes, cologne and make-up. The aromatic assault was truly dizzying, as there were with no exaggeration, twenty-five counters of competing products, all of which were staffed by women, and in the aisles the customers traversed, there were a handful of more women distributing sample products, and some occupied applying makeup and fragrances to customers being taught how to best apply various products.

What struck me was that these women all shared a few things in common. First, they were all very well attired. Most had high heels, they wore skirts or dresses, sharp blazers and blouses, fashionable jewellery. and while there was no standard uniform, there was a unity of presentation that communicated beauty and style. And the women themselves in those clothes were beautiful themselves to the eye. Be they blonde, brunette, redhead, black or even greying, each woman was truly beautiful on her own, but together, they were formidable.

They were like Sirens luring Ulysses and his sailors to their doom; irresistible to the eye, though I heard no singing. Their smiles were all punctuated with lipstick or gloss, their eyes set like jewels in the midst of eye liner and shadow the colour of which accented and adorned. While there were a variety of heights among them, from short to tall, each was fit, trim, and attractive. I could without much effort visualize that time of year only a couple of months past when men must have been drawn to the store with no clear idea what to buy their own ladies’, only to leave some time later with an assortment of products these Sirens would place into their bags and ring up at the till. And all the while, batting eyelashes, briefly issuing a coy look, leaning in just enough to intoxicate with their perfume, weaving their spell and long enough to extract the funds from their wallets.

As an Employment Counsellor and Sociology graduate, I always find myself watching people go about their trade, observing people and the skills they employ, and how effective or not they are in their profession. And so it was not unusual for me then to ponder how the employer in this case only had beautiful women doing the job. There were no males working here. And while I personally think there is beauty to be found in all people, we are not all universally blessed with physical beauty, but you wouldn’t know it to walk around in this department. So how is it then, that the employer is able to employ only females and only the physically beautiful of that gender?

Now you might wonder at or even guess the name of the retailer to whom I refer. And likewise, you might wonder why I am being so very careful not to name them outright. The truth of the matter is that I do not find this retailer to be unique in this practice. In fact as we strolled along the busy main street and went in and out of two other large stores, I found the same.

I know of course what they are selling is an image; an promise that if you buy their products and apply them as instructed, you or the one you buy them for will look like these Sirens too. The illusion is hard to resist when you have the evidence standing right in front of you batting those lashes. Unblemished, they know only too well that the number of people who buy the illusion is larger than the number of people who will rival them in the end.

I don’t really judge the employer for hiring and placing these people on the floor one must encounter upon entering. On other floors there were men and women both, and while they were also dressed well, they were entirely different, and you would be able to pick them out as different were you to be asked to do so if they were inserted into the beauty department. So it was really more the placement of the hired personnel. The tactic must be working or the practice and placement would change.

This employer was marketing and branding to maximize the assets available. When applying to work in a large retail store, you’ll be asked to indicate the department you’d like to work in most. Some people are better suited for some jobs than others based on their skills, knowledge, attitude, qualifications and experience. One’s physical appearance is like any other qualification.

And the women in this case? I say good for them if this is where they desire to be. They may be here out of choice or perhaps they feel limited by their beauty for all we know, and would rather be doing work in other departments where they’d be valued for other qualifications and interests. And maybe they’d prefer not to be in retail whatsoever but are trapped by a tight economy.

Just an interesting observation. Oh and yes, I did escape without buying a thing!