Share A Favourite Online Resource

The internet is full of YouTube video’s, TedTalks, famous quotes, personal blogs, satirical cartoons, animated shorts, etc. And themes? Think and search for a theme and you’re highly likely to come across all kinds of resources on that subject. So, what single online resource is your personal favourite and why?

Perhaps you favour an inspirational video showcasing someone who has and continues to overcome tremendous personal challenges. Is it a funny clip that brings more than just a smile to your face no matter how many times you see it? Conversely, is it a real tear-jerker; one that has you getting the tissues ready now before you dare watch it for the 50th time?

It would be valuable to know in addition to why you love it so, how you make use of this item. If in your professional capacity you include it in your presentations, what kind of audience do you introduce it to and how? What’s the response like from your audiences? Is it included in some larger presentation of yours on a speaking tour, a workshop, best used when working one-on-one with people and if so, in what capacity are you working with them?

By sharing this one resource with me in the comments section, you and I could be part of a long string of people having a shared experience. The contribution you make by sharing a single resource could result in not only sharing that one item with others, but you in return might realize a gift of many more. No guarantee of course, but the awesome thing about sharing just one resource this way is that it takes up little of your time to copy and paste a URL with a brief explanation, and someone on the other side of our beautiful planet might in turn love it as much as you.

To get things rolling, here’s something for you from me. This is a link to a video clip but you could also search, “World’s toughest job” on your favourite search engine and click on video’s to find it.

The reason I find myself liking this one so much is because in many of the career direction and employment workshops I lead, there is a least one if not a few women in the group who feel underqualified. They live and breathe low self-esteem because they made a choice to stay home and raise children in the past and are coming to job searching later in the game. When they hear others in the room speak of the many jobs they’ve had or the many years they’ve had in a job or two, they come across as apologetic when they say they have ‘just’ been a mom.

This video is one that then comes to mind. The clip is about creating a fake job but then holding real interviews with both men and women. As the applicants learn of the job responsibilities and expectations of them, they become increasingly shocked at how much is demanded of them in this job. When they learn the job will pay exactly zero, they are incredulous, one going on record saying that no one would do this, another saying it’s cruel and inhumane. Only at this point does the interviewer say that millions of people are doing this job every day and then reveals it’s being done by moms.

Now the impact on those in the group is typically that the women who were saying they are, “just” moms, now see themselves through a different lens. They feel better and many in the group think of not only themselves but their own moms. Often there’s a few with wet eyes in the group as they recall their own moms.

Now it doesn’t always have a universally wonderful feel for everyone in the room. Maybe someone who is adopted and never knew their mom or who had a rough upbringing wouldn’t respond positively. However, there is a shift in the room when I show it; with more respect for the moms in the room from those who might have felt superior with years of employment to draw on behind them.

So there’s a contribution for you to check out and see for yourself. What would you like to add? I’d rather you felt generous and give out of a wish to share than feel in any way compelled to reciprocate. I know a lot of you out there have a very deep reservoir of media clips, cartoons, quotes, TedTalks, infographics, images, comics, etc. Sure would be fantastic if you’d take the time to share just one of these gems.

For this is what the internet is really all about isn’t it? Sharing. When you search for some article or resource, you’re really tapping into someone else’s creation. They put it out there for anyone to view and benefit from. Maybe you’re a creative sort and you’ve made a masterpiece of your very own for all I know. Sharing whatever you wish here with me by way of your reply would be most appreciated!

This is one way we improve, grow, stay fresh, learn and educate not only ourselves but others. So educate me and your fellow readers.

By the way, this blog falls on my birthday, June 13; so my birthday request is one of the best kinds of gifts where we can all receive in the end!


If My Next Boss Was In My Room At 2:17 a.m.

2:17 a.m. That’s what the clock displayed when I looked over at it this morning. My head was throbbing from a headache that must have arrived with a change in the atmospheric pressure sometime between 10:20 p.m. the night before and the 4 hour interval.

I was also aware that it was incredibly hot in bed, and so I got up to open a window and let in some cool air. Then for some inexplicable reason, I also felt like – and there’s no nice way to say this – throw up. So I tried unsuccessfully. Back in bed after taking some headache medication, it was a fitful 45 minutes and I was up again trying to once again throw up. Again, unsuccessful.

And what was going through my mind at 3:00 a.m.? Well conflicting emotions honestly. Today is my birthday and I’m happy about that; I’m always happy about my birthday. On the downside, there could be the possibility of the union I’m part of calling a strike today which would start on Monday. And for a couple of moments I wondered what it might look like calling in sick on the day of one’s birthday when a strike might be called too. Especially when I’ve had an Exceptional Attendance award year after year and can’t even remember the last year I took time off for illness.

And just to show I need a life outside of the work I love so much, within a couple of minutes of these thoughts, I imagined some future boss or interviewer sitting quietly in the room being able to see all the thoughts running through my brain. “Will he take a day off or fight it and show up for work?”

It was a fitful, restless 3 hours until finally at 6:00 a.m. I got up. The headache was gone, and looking briefly outside I could see the rain had come, the pressure had broken and the stomach was settled. What was with that anyhow?

After a shower, (showers always help me – it’s like any negativity gets washed down the drain with the water) I was shaving when I heard for the first time that Mitchell family tradition playing on the stereo. “Birthday” by the Beatles was playing loud and clear and surprise, surprise, my wife was up early making pancakes just for me. Ah to be loved.

But I wonder about that silent future boss or interviewer sitting in my bedroom who I had somehow conjured up in the wee hours of the morn. If I was ever in an interview and the interviewer asked me to share an example of my dependability, would this be an example? “Sure thing”, I’d start off, “Remember that June 13th morning back in 2014? You know, you were there. I spend most of the night awake, headache, felt ill, concerned about a strike at work, how it might look if I stayed home and would I really be believed or not, but then I got my act together and there really was no question about my going in to work. Remember?”

I don’t know if I could ever really pull off that answer. I mean, sitting with an interviewer I’m meeting for the first time, they might just think it extraordinarily creepy that I lay prone in bed thinking of future interviewers sitting watching me as I sleep. More than likely the next thing out of their mouth would be, “Well thanks for coming in Kelly. We’ll be in touch.”

So how do I feel now sitting here at 7:50 a.m.? Great. Really good. It was a nice drive into work and I brought along a favourite CD I mine to listen to on the way forgoing much of the news that normally accompanies me on my drive. And when I first got to work, I noticed right off the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner over my door, the balloons on my desk and appreciate the efforts of our committee who does these little things.

And then there was a surprise email from someone who remembered my birthday that I’ve known for several years but didn’t expect to even remember. What a nice surprise that was! Thanks Rochelle.

Of course, over than a blog about me and my start to the day on my birthday, I’ve woven a learning opportunity in here for anyone who is currently employed or seeking to be. It’s a good idea to make the effort to pull yourself together and be dependable. Often, like today, you’ll find that getting up, relieving yourself, showering and having a bite is enough to get you going and you’re well on your way. Sure sometimes you’re too ill to go in, I know that too.

Thing is…from an employer’s point of view, there’s work that needs doing and you’re relied on to get in and do it. The more reliable you are, the more people can attest to your dependability. And right here is where it just kicked me between the eyes. I don’t need to tell some future interviewer I imagined her or him sitting at my beside some fitful night in the past – no! I can just provide the name and phone number of my immediate boss of the present, who can and will state how reliable I am.

You see that’s the thing, you’re present job is in some ways, a very long testimony about how you may be right or wrong for a future job!