Job Search Notifications / Alerts Off

Yesterday Glassdoor sent me a notification, advising me that they’d found a few jobs for me that matched my request to be told when Employment Counselling roles were available.

Now in the beginning, I thought this feature would be quite useful. When I first checked the box to indicate I’d want such notifications, in my innocence I assumed the jobs they’d share with me were what I’d keyed in, an Employment Counsellor in my case. Not so. What I got in my email yesterday was a job as a Senior Legal Counsel specializing in Employment Law. Now I can see they pulled in the words, “Counsel” and “Employment” for that one. However, the next job they suggested matched my search? Optometrist. Yep, Optometrist.

LinkedIn I thought would be better at this, and to be fair, I do get some jobs there that are good matches for what I’m looking for. However, I still get notifications for jobs I’m just not at all qualified for, nor interested in.

As an Employment Counsellor, there’s another factor at play that distorts what I’m personally after as well. You see, I’m often on job search websites, searching on behalf of the people I’m working with. However, just because I’m looking for jobs outside my own field, doesn’t mean I myself want to be notified when a Personal Support Worker or Administrative Clerk job opens up.

Maybe the good folks at LinkedIn and others should have a feature where you can notify them that you only want notifications about certain jobs, not every job you search for. You don’t have to be an Employment Counsellor to search for a friend, your spouse or adult children etc. To get the volume of returns I was getting on such diverse fields of interest and qualifications, I’d have to be an amazingly qualified individual in dozens of professions.

So I’ve turned off my notifications; for now at any rate. I mean am I job searching? Well, no not intensely. I am open to other opportunities though. I’ve done training events for my own employer with co-workers and management in attendance as well as for other organizations, While some people find it best to focus solely on their current job, I’m open to other possibilities. What’s out there I wonder?

Now, to be clear, I’m not an employee who, upon making some decision to move on, lacks the focus and commitment to excel where he is at the moment. No, at work, I’m zoned in and passionate after all these years about the privilege and opportunity I have each and every day to make a difference for somebody I meet. I love the people I work alongside in partnership – you’d call them clients or customers I suppose. Me? I call them people; after all, they were people long before they were ever seen as a client and I’ve found that more dignified.

At present, I’m working 95 kilometers from home, and commute daily to work and home gladly. Would I like to be closer to home? Sure! However, only in 5 years of my working life have I lived and worked in the same town. Longer commutes are something I’m used to. However, living in small town Ontario, there just aren’t the jobs to support what I do in great quantity. Oh I’ve tried, but one organization won’t look at me because their pay structure is so much less – they assume I’d have no interest. The only other organization in town I could work with is one I can’t due to nepotism; my spouse is a senior Manager and I can’t work there and answer to her.

So I’ve looked around. The notifications feature on some high profile social media job search websites has been useful at times. It’s of interest when a position indicates salary, range of duties etc. for comparative purposes, but few jobs actually peak my interest enough to apply.

The grass is green and lush where I work, and I’m not blind to that fact. It might be greener somewhere else – or at least as green – but if so, I’ve yet to find it. It’s not perfect though, and there are opportunities I don’t want to miss because someone else assumes I’m fixed forever in my current job with my present employer.

The thing is though, I know I’m needed where I am. The people who receive my help tell me this weekly and this gift they give me in wanting me to stay makes me feel like Sidney Portier in, “To Sir With Love”; wanted and needed. There might be opportunities elsewhere but no one is beating down my door.

Like most companies I suppose, people come and people go around me. Co-workers move up, take lateral moves, resign for jobs outside the organization and some just hang on for dear life hoping to ride out changes in the profession. Now I’d love the chance to work with a few colleagues I know in another organization. As unlikely as that is due to the current political climate and its impact on our profession, that chance would be worth a conversation.

As for today, the notifications are off and the email less cluttered with jobs I’m not interested in or qualified for. Optometrist! Seriously, not a chance. Just imagine getting your eyes tested and coming out with new glasses and motivated to change jobs too. Hang on a second…